A Tour of the Redesign

You may have noticed over the past day that things are a bit different.  In addition to a new theme, I’ve moved some things around a bit.  The most noticeable difference would be in the menu at the top.  So, here’s a tour to let you know what’s different.

Starting with the menu, much is the same, but there are some differences.  First is the About page.  Of course, that’s pretty normal.  It’s always been there.  Then is the Reviews option, which includes five ways to find reviews.  Then the Writing option provides you with some of my writing and topics about writing, including the new Worldbuilding series that you can find in the dropdown.  Moving on down is the Food option, which takes you to my restaurant reviews.  Then it’s Links, where you can find links to other book review blogs and author websites.  Next is Challenges, which will show you the reading challenges I’d like to do, and I’ve written a couple of them out.  I’ll do the rest later.  Finally, we have the new Knowledge option.  This is where I consolidated the Encyclopedia, Studying, and Library Photo Project.

On the left side, I’ve got mainly blog-related topics, starting with a link to my official author website.  Below that are links to my other blogs.  Then there’s the spot where you can subscribe and follow my blog.  After that, we have the standard widgets, including Archives, Categories, Tag Cloud, and Calendar.

On the right column, we start with the most recent reviews I’ve done.  Under that are the most recent blog posts, which allow you quick access.  Below that are several ways to follow me on social media, including Facebook, Goodreads (showing my current books being read), links to Critique Circle, my Goodreads profile, and Writing.com.  After that, it’s my Twitter feed.

Please take some time to check out everything this blog has to offer.  I wonder how much you haven’t actually seen.

The New Design Is Live!

If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you may notice something different.  I’ve finally changed the theme!

Over the next few days, I’ll be making adjustments, so what you see now may be slightly different later.  I want to reorganise the sidebars, and I may take advantage of feature posts to draw your attention to posts I really want you to read.

I’m finding one thing interesting.  I can set a feature image for every post now.  I doubt I’ll do that, as I want it to look fairly clean.  But who knows?

So, what do you think of the new design?