I Hate Tomatoes

I really, really hate tomatoes.  “Why?” everyone asks me.  It’s strange.  They can’t seem to fathom why I hate tomatoes.  Something in the taste triggers a gag reflex and a desire to throw up.

Horrible, horrible tomatoes.  Credit goes to from Wikipedia.
Horrible, horrible tomatoes. Credit goes to InterestingPics from Wikipedia.

I found this blog post that goes into the subject in depth.  It appears it may be genetic.  Some people are extremely sensitive to a chemical in tomatoes that goes away when they’re cooked.  However, it’s not that simple.  Not only do I hate raw tomatoes, but I can’t stand cooked tomatoes, either.  Anything that has a purely tomato flavour is instantly disgusting to me.  I find it hard not to gag.  This includes tomato soup, tomato juice, meat sauce on pasta, pizza sauce, and any kind of diced, stewed, chopped, boiled, whatever tomato.

But I like Ketchup.  And I like barbecue sauce.  And HP Sauce.  And A1 Sauce.  But that’s it.  I can tolerate beef stew with some tomato paste, but that’s because the flavour doesn’t stand out.  Baked beans are okay, too, although they contain tomato paste.

I know I’m not unusual.  This is actually quite common.  There are other foods that are extremely polarised, such as cilantro, green peppers, and the infamous Marmite.

Any other tomato haters out there?

I Used to Be Shy

I’ve talked about how I’m an INTJ type personality before, and how I’m a pretty rare type of introvert.  Well, believe it or not, I used to be painfully shy.

Back when I was a kid, I found it difficult to talk to pretty much anyone I didn’t know.  In elementary school, I was so shy that I couldn’t order a drink after I played a game of hockey.  I was so shy that I avoided scoring goals on purpose so I wouldn’t be in the spotlight.  I pretended I was singing in music class.  I was pretty much incredibly difficult to kidnap, because I’d go nowhere near a stranger’s car.

In junior high, I was pretty awkward.  But that’s the awkward age, anyway.  I was bullied quite a bit.  In grade 7, I was threatened with violence because my bully thought he could get me to do his homework.  Yes, this really happened, although it’s quite a cliche.  I wouldn’t stand up for myself.  I didn’t want to draw attention to myself.  I did tell my parents, though.  They then contacted my school, set up a meeting with the Principal, and the next time my bully attacked me, he was sent to the office.  Well, he was scared straight by his parents, and nothing else happened to me that year.  Then in grade 8, it was just plain old making fun of me.  Again, I was too shy to stand up for myself and speak up, but several classmates teased me.  As a shy introvert like I was back then, I couldn’t take it.  I went as far as trying to pretend to be sick so I didn’t have to go to school.  Thankfully, grade 9 was better.

In high school, I stuck with my friends, and I had no problems with bullies.  I was still shy, though.  In university, I had only a small number of friends, though I found it much easier to start a conversation.  It wasn’t until my job in a call centre that made me come out of my shell.

Now, I teach.  I blog.  I write.  I get my words out there all the time.  I don’t care if people have a negative opinion about what I say or do.  I’m not that shy kid anymore.  Writing is a good career for those who are shy, but I yearn for the spotlight now.  In a social situation with a large number of people, I’m still quiet.  But that’s the introvert in me, I’m more likely to be an observer and listener.  If I’m the expert, and everyone else knows less than I do, I don’t have a problem speaking.  Maybe it’s confidence knowing that others want to learn from me.  That’s what teaching allows me to do, of course.

I may have been shy when I was a kid, but I’m not anymore.  I just don’t like talking more than I need to.

Any shy people out there?  Don’t be shy, comment!