I Hate Tomatoes

I really, really hate tomatoes.  “Why?” everyone asks me.  It’s strange.  They can’t seem to fathom why I hate tomatoes.  Something in the taste triggers a gag reflex and a desire to throw up.

Horrible, horrible tomatoes.  Credit goes to from Wikipedia.
Horrible, horrible tomatoes. Credit goes to InterestingPics from Wikipedia.

I found this blog post that goes into the subject in depth.  It appears it may be genetic.  Some people are extremely sensitive to a chemical in tomatoes that goes away when they’re cooked.  However, it’s not that simple.  Not only do I hate raw tomatoes, but I can’t stand cooked tomatoes, either.  Anything that has a purely tomato flavour is instantly disgusting to me.  I find it hard not to gag.  This includes tomato soup, tomato juice, meat sauce on pasta, pizza sauce, and any kind of diced, stewed, chopped, boiled, whatever tomato.

But I like Ketchup.  And I like barbecue sauce.  And HP Sauce.  And A1 Sauce.  But that’s it.  I can tolerate beef stew with some tomato paste, but that’s because the flavour doesn’t stand out.  Baked beans are okay, too, although they contain tomato paste.

I know I’m not unusual.  This is actually quite common.  There are other foods that are extremely polarised, such as cilantro, green peppers, and the infamous Marmite.

Any other tomato haters out there?

16 thoughts on “I Hate Tomatoes”

  1. I’ve known a couple of tomato haters, and alternatively my husband doesn’t mind tomatoes but HATES ketchup.

    As for myself, I was never a fan of tomatoes, but while I was pregnant I craved them something fierce. I would literally pop open a can of whole ones and just eat them plain like that. Even thinking back it makes me shudder. lol

      1. Oh there have been some pretty weird pregnancy cravings over the years, that’s for sure. I read about one woman who used to chew on loose leaf paper for some reason. o.O

          1. I had to look up Marmite to find out what it was. lol

            But yeah, cravings definitely don’t have to have anything to do with pregnancy. I’ve been experiencing them my whole life. Some days I feel like I’m going to literally lose my mind if I don’t eat something super-salty like chips, and other days I could forgo food all together and just spend the entire day drinking chocolate milk. o.O

            1. I want chocolate milk! It’s not something that’s easy to have here in Japan. I did find a place to buy Nesquik, though. However, the milk here just isn’t the same.

            2. I hear you there. I would actually prefer some white milk drowned in Nesquik than the chocolate milk they have out in Alberta. It’s not necessarily that it’s BAD, but it tastes drastically different than what we have in Nova Scotia so it’s almost impossible to drink happily. 😛

            3. I’m sure it’s probably the same (at least MADE the same) as everywhere else’s chocolate milk, but there’s something different about the milk in Alberta in general as compared to Nova Scotia’s. I don’t know if it’s something to do with the pasteurization process, or maybe one province or the other adds sugar or something, but there’s definitely a major difference in taste. I can handle the chocolate milk out there, but I can’t even sip on the white milk. :\

            4. Not sure what the difference would be. I assume there’s a standard across the country, though. Alberta and BC milk taste exactly the same.

            5. My husband and I wondered if maybe it has something to do with preservatives. Like, the milk has to travel much further to get to us so maybe they add something in to make it last longer, and that’s the taste we’re use to? If so it’s kinda sad that I prefer the preservative taste. lol

            6. I wonder if that’s what it is. Alberta is cattle country. The milk should be pretty fresh. But when I was very young, we always had 2% milk. Then we switched to skim milk, and after getting used to that, I found that I couldn’t stand 2% anymore. I still prefer skim. 2% is okay with chocolate, though.

            7. I’m right there with you on that one. My grandmother always used to give me 2%, but as I grew up I more often drank what my mother bought, which was skim. These days I gag if I try to drink 2%, but again the chocolate is fine no matter what the percentage. lol

            8. I’m not sure why the fat content makes it difficult for me to drink. I can tolerate 1% milk, though. But I prefer the thinner skim milk.

  2. You mean I’m not alone? Seriously, if I don’t know a tomato is in something and it just barely touches the tip of my tongue BAM spit out and throwing up. It’s kinda funny cause it’s not like I’m doing it myself. Same with mushrooms.

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