Using a Notebook

As I previously stated, I’m going to be keeping a notebook or three.  Well, the more I thought about it, and the more I read other writers blog about it, I felt this is something I really need to focus on.

What I’m going to do is keep a notebook with me whenever possible.  I’ll take it to work, of course.  And while I’m on break, I’m going to sit down with the notebook and just write.  Anything.  I’ll do character sketches, random scenes, write about interesting topics, practice different techniques, and more.  And I’ll even post some of them on here.  Of course, some of them will be terrible, and unworthy of a blog post, but others may be quite good.  However, if it’s a scene from a book I’m writing, I likely won’t post it.  I may even do sketches, such as buildings, rough maps, vehicles, animals, and so on.

I’m going to make sure I do this as much as I can.  Everyday if possible.  And I’ll date each entry.  I’ll date each notebook.  This way I can see how my writing evolves.

I’ll keep separate notebooks for character profiles and Ariadne, though.  Those are for reference, not writing practice.