Works in Progress

I’ve added a new page to keep track of my works in progress.  I only briefly mention what’s going on with each WIP, but I’d like to expand it a bit in this post.

With Journey to Ariadne, I am doing a web serial to begin with.  All 26 parts will be published on my official website once I’ve gone through a round of editing of each part.  This is not meant to be a novel, but more of a promotion for my full-length novels, which I will begin work on soon.  Eventually, I will completely rewrite Journey to Ariadne after several rounds of editing to publish as a novella at the cheapest possible price.  What you’ll get out of reading this serial is some background, including characters and how they got to Ariadne.

The first full-length novel, which is currently untitled, will take place a few years after colonisation of Ariadne.  It may appeal to young adults, though it’ll be meant to be more serious and darker in tone.  The second novel, which will be a direct sequel of the first, will continue the Origins theme started in the first book.  It’ll be a beginning.

Finally, I’m working on Fractured, a short story which I started for Camp NaNoWriMo, and didn’t write very much.  It is a story I want to complete, though, as it’s an introduction to a bigger fantasy novel series I have planned.

Anything interest you?


10 thoughts on “Works in Progress”

  1. Fractured sounds interesting. Actually so does the serial and I have to applaud you for the long term planning of the series. I imagine writing a long series can’t be easy as you have to make sure everything comes together and I suppose ret-con is out? lol. Anyways, good luck!

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