Writing Course – Week 2

I’ve just finished week 2 of the Start Writing Fiction course at FutureLearn, and this one ended with writing a story of no more than 500 words.  That’s pretty short.  Well, I’m not going to post it here.  Sorry.

My reasons for not posting it are that I’m not finished.  Week 3 will involve editing of the story, so I’ll be getting that done first.  If there’s more to be done in the following weeks, I’ll get that done before posting as well.  So you’re just going to have to wait.

This week was more about adding detail, and we had to rewrite our character sketches.  Then with the story, we had to take some of our notes or our character sketches and make a very short story.  I had a little sci-fi inspiration for this one, and it oddly got me thinking about what I could do to expand it.  I’m surprised how quickly this has developed into the seed for an idea.  I don’t have an overall story, but the type of people and at least three characters have been created in my mind.  All of this started out with watching a video of different people, encouragement to write about one of them and think of a backstory.  This course has become very useful.

A bit unrelated, but still relevant to writing, I’ve been starting to work on a revision of part 2 of Journey to Ariadne, and one of the critiques pointed out a big problem I have with writing:  too much passive voice.  I have to admit that is one of my problems, one that I need to work hard on cleaning up.  I hope to have part 2 up within the next week.