Transporting Yourself to Another World

Have you ever been somewhere and what you see immediately reminds you of something you read in a book?  I have.  And sometimes, it’s near my own home.

To the west of where I live, there’s a low mountain range called the Tanzawa Mountains.  Beyond that is the towering Mt. Fuji.  When I’m out walking, and the mountains are clearly visible, I get a feeling of literary deja vu.  In fantasy novels, there are often mountain ranges that the heroes walk toward and eventually have to go through.  Seeing mountains like that make me feel a sense of adventure.  I could keep walking and feel like I’m also on an adventure.

On the science fiction side of things, some simple things can make me feel like I’m in a futuristic world.  If I’m in a busy downtown area, especially in Japan, there are a lot of modern buildings and giant video screens.  But giant video screens have been around for a long time.  What I’ve been seeing a lot of is smaller plasma and LED screens everywhere.  They’re in trains, buses, department stores, and even donut shops.  While some things need to catch up (the bus designs here in Japan are stuck in the 80s), I often get a feeling of “Wow! I’m in the future!”

Do you ever get feelings like this?

9 thoughts on “Transporting Yourself to Another World”

  1. Mountains do it to me; I think that may be mostly due to the fact that I grew up in southeast Texas, where there are literally no mountains. I get excited at the sight of a hill. So when I see mountains, especially with some forestry thrown in, I feel like I’m not even me anymore. I’d get lost in there if I could.

    Actually, I did get lost int he wooded mountains once while I was trying to navigate the land as part of a military course assignment, and I felt like I’d walked right outta Oklahoma to some other place altogether, just me and my compass.

    1. I grew up in the Texas of Canada, Alberta. However, Alberta has the Rocky Mountains. I grew up in an area that had a big hill, lots of farms, and a distant view of the mountains. But I didn’t really get into the mountains that much. But here in Japan, having the mountains so close and Mt Fuji towering over everything is amazing. And nothing beats walking around in a bamboo forest.

  2. I do when I’m walking in the woods. I used to own a horse – I boarded it close to a government – owned logging forest that was part logging, part natural. It reminded me often of the fantasy books I read as a teenager, particularly when I was out there alone, just me and my horse.

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