Crazy Complaints

Ever get one of those comments on your blog that complains about the content, the colour of your text, or your choice of shirts in your profile picture?  You know, those kinds of complaints that make you wonder why they even bothered to comment.  I have.

A couple years ago, I got a comment that wasn’t directly on this blog, but it was on a poll I conducted.  The poll asked about which sequel I should read next.  Here is the comment:

With all due respect, is it really necessary to have someone make this decision for you? Or are you going to ignore it. In which case, why the need for a poll? Boredom, perhaps. If so go read a book. If not go read a self-help book. Smiles all around.

I’ll address each part of this comment.  No, it wasn’t necessary to have someone to make this decision for me.  No, I didn’t ignore it.  Why did I do it?  For a little variety, for some unpredictability, certainly not boredom.  Most of all, I did it for interaction with my readers.  And I did read the books in the order they were voted in.  I love how insulting this was, beginning with “with all due respect” and concluding with “If not go read a self-help book. Smiles all around.”

I had to laugh at this comment.  It wasn’t constructive at all.  The person seemed to want to insult me.  I’ll make the insult now:  People who make comments like this must not have much going on in their lives, probably sitting in their parents’ basement leeching off their money, eating their food, and not interested in making their lives better.

I’m all for constructive criticism, and I welcome it, especially when critiquing my writing.  On my most recent part of Journey to Ariadne, I received a wonderful critique pointing out so many problem areas with my writing. It’s got me thinking differently about writing, and I’m much more careful about using passive.  Those kinds of critiques do wonders and are great.

Now, I’d like to see some of the craziest comments you’ve received.  Leave them in the comments.


22 thoughts on “Crazy Complaints”

  1. Wow. That was so… useless. 😛
    The only really negative complaint I’ve had was someone complaining that I am friends with OM (HarsH ReaLiTy) and thus I’m perpetuating all that is wrong with the world.
    Some people, eh?

        1. lol I won’t try to disagree with that! It’s funny how worked up people get over opinions, though. I don’t agree with 90% of what OM says, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to waste my time and energy arguing with him as though I’m going to magically change his mind. 😛

    1. Some people. When I ran a science blog a few years ago, I got some crazy ones from fundamentalists trying to tell me how things in space really are, even though I have an astronomy degree. Yeah, some people.

  2. Wow, that was completely unnecessary. Hope their stupid comment doesn’t deter you from continuing to post your polls. Some people just have nothing better to do then spread around negativity.

  3. I got one questionable comment. I wasn’t sure if it was a backhanded compliment/ sarcastic at the fact that I’m female. I decided to allow the comment and not make a judgment. I do however get freakin’ insane emails though.

  4. I’ve gotten a grand total of three comments that made me wonder what is wrong with the world.

    One was on a post I wrote talking about horrible jobs. I mentioned in the post that my husband had this one middle-aged woman as a boss who was having some kind of midlife crisis and had a major power complex. The comment was, “I think your husband was banging the old lady boss” and I was like, “Seriously? Seriously, this is the only thing that came to your mind while reading my post?”

    The second was on a post I wrote after continually being asked if there was a lot of screwing around going on at the work camp I lived at out West. I wrote a very extensive post talking about how, while it does happen, it’s nearly impossible not to be caught, and I personally haven’t seen a lot of it happening. I got several comments from women asking for further clarification or thanking me for the post, and then this one guy popped in and just said something really rude and unnecessary about how “everyone there is f*cking everyone else”. His comment did not make it through my “allow” process. >.>

    The third, I don’t eve remember the post, I just remember waking up one morning, checking my comments, and seeing “your a tool”, complete with grammatical errors. All I could think was, how pathetic is your life that you feel the need to call a complete stranger a name without any kind of clarification or follow-up what-so-ever? *raised eyebrow*

    Ahhhh, the internet. It really brings out the best in people, doesn’t it?

    1. I especially love Youtube comments. If I got an insulting comment with bad grammar, I’d ask the person to please come back with a more coherent response.

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