Writing Course Story Assignment

Although this wouldn’t qualify as a full story, it does have a beginning and a resolution at the end.  However, I feel that this could be expanded into a larger story.  As I specialise in sci-fi, it is sci-fi.  Have a look.

Melissa. I think that’s her name, thought Jake. For the past few weeks, she came into this coffee shop and sat at the same table. Jake counted on her reliable schedule, and always sat where he could see her. She ordered a tea first, then opened her computer. She put several papers on the table and started typing. Jake watched her as she focused on the screen through her stylish black-framed glasses. He looked her over, as he did every week. Black hair, shoulder-length. Toned body in jogging shorts and a blue tank top. She must be a writer, but also athletic, he thought.

Melissa finished her tea and called a server over. Coffee, black. Always the same, he noted. She had a routine. After taking a sip, she focused on her computer again. It’s now or never, he decided.

Jake strode directly to Melissa’s table, confident he’d succeed. She looked up over her glasses as he approached. She stared for a few seconds when he stopped.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

Jake smiled. “You look lonely over here. Maybe I could keep you company.”

He thought he could charm her quickly.

“I’m working,” she said and continued typing.

That wasn’t enough to send him away. Jake smiled and put his hand on the table and leaned toward her.

“Maybe you could take a break.”

Melissa scrutinised him, showing no warmth in her expression. Her tone matching her face, she said, “Corporal, I don’t have time for this. Anyway, you’re far too young and immature for me.”

“How do you know my rank?” he asked, his eyes wide.

“I know who you are, where you live, who your commanding officer is, and I know how good a shot you are in zero gravity, Corporal Andrews. And I will have nothing to do with a space snot like you during my personal time.”

“S-space snot? If I knew you were such a bitch, I never would’ve come over here,” said Jake, nearly shouting.

“Corporal, imagine me with my hair up, sunglasses, and Lieutenant stripes, and you’ll know how close you are to being under arrest for insubordination,” said Melissa, her voice never raising.

Jake realised in an instant who Melissa was. Her name wasn’t Melissa. Lieutenant Lisa Carruthers, the firearms instructor and wife of his commanding officer.


Any thoughts about this?


Passiveholics Anonymous

Hi, my name is Jay Dee, and I’m a passiveholic.

Also, I have an addiction to using the be verb and telling.  I guess what I need to do is be more active.  That’s the cure to my addiction to be, passive, and telling.  I also need to make sure my point of view is consistent.

That’s what I have to think about when I edit part 2 of Journey to Ariadne.  Once the editing is done, it will be posted on my official website.

Tsujido City Library

The Tsujido City Library is the Tsujido branch of the Fujisawa City Library, and is located near Tsujido Station, about 5 minutes south.

The main entrance of Tsujido Library. It’s a modern two storey building.

The library is 2 storeys tall, and has a fairly modern design.  It features several rooms, including a meeting room, multi-purpose room, one additional room, and an 80 seat hall.  The library has 190,000 volumes, according to its website. The website is in Japanese only.

The bicycle entrance of the library. The sharp corner has a sign. The library is surrounded by a lot of trees, so it’s quite attractive.

Around the library, the grounds are quite nice.  Although it’s not a park, there are many trees and plants, making it a very pleasant place.  I was unable to go inside, but if I have a chance, I will check it out.

For more library photos, check out the Library Photo Project.