Upgrades Make Me Nervous

I have no idea why, but whenever I upgrade something, I feel nervous.  Maybe it’s because I’ve upgraded something in the past and it was a mistake.  I had problems.  Well, this time, I’ve upgraded my phone.

I’ve had the same phone for three years now, and I’ve finally got a new iPhone.  Now what am I nervous about?  Well, I’m worried about losing data.  I’m worried about having to reconfigure my WordPress app again.  Or is it just that I have to worry about remembering all my passwords?

I think the worst thing is that I have to sync my old iPhone first, and the AC adapter doesn’t stay in the phone very well anymore.  It gets pretty loose.  I don’t need it to disconnect while I’m backing up all my data.

Well, that’s my task tonight.


2 thoughts on “Upgrades Make Me Nervous”

    1. My worries were very valid. I had problems. Couldn’t get my old phone to backup successfully. But that’s okay, I was able to backup all of my photos, contacts, and eBooks for my Kindle app. Those were the important things.

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