Are Walking and Writing Similar?

I like writing.  I also like walking.  Today, I walked 17.68 km in just under four hours while taking pictures.  It’s a slower pace than I’m used to, but I did have my two year old daughter with me.  I’ve done 21 and 35 km walks before, too.

But are they similar?  Well, they both have a beginning, middle, and end.  Let’s take a look.

The Beginning

With walking, I feel a lot of anticipation, thinking, “Oh boy! This is going to be fun! Let’s enjoy exploring!”  I feel good.  I have no trouble starting out, I know where I’m going.  With writing, the anticipation is there, but there is a difference.  It’s damned difficult to actually get started.  Nope, the beginning is not the same.

The Middle

While walking, I feel like I’m in the zone.  I have adrenaline going through my body, and while I’m feeling my body working, I feel great.  In fact, I felt like I could go for a very long time.  With writing, I’m thinking, “Why is it so hard to do this?”  Nope, not the same at all.

The End

While walking, I feel like I really want to get to my destination.  I’m tired.  I’m sore.  I just want to sit down and have a nice, cool drink and relax.  With writing, I’m thinking the exact same thing.  And the relief when I finish is the same.  I did it.  I accomplished something.

Well, at least the ending is the same.

If walking really was the same as writing, it would be like this:  Okay, how do I start?  Should I move my right foot or left foot forward?  Do I take big steps or small steps?  Do I skip?  Do I prance?  Should I roll the entire way?  Should I shuffle?  How about cartwheels?  Once I’ve decided, and I get to the middle, I’m lost. Where do I go from here?  Did I end up at the bottom of a river?  Is this New York, when I’m supposed to be in Santiago, Chile?  That’s really lost.  Maybe I should start over.  That would require me to walk back the way I came and start walking again.  I don’t want to!  I’ll just try to keep going.  And when I finally do get to the end, I decide to never do that again.  That is until the next day when I’m all ready to do it again.

Even though it’s more physically strenuous to walk long distance, it’s still easier than writing.