Now You Can Study Online at Hogwarts

With all of the online courses I’m taking, there’s something that caught my eye recently.  Hogwarts.  That’s right, you can study at Hogwarts online!

I did some looking around there, and apparently, you can study all of the classes for first year students, and they take 9 weeks to complete.  There are assignments, homework, tests, and quizzes to do.  You can do them at our own pace, though.  You can join a dorm.  You join a class and can interact with the same 100 people for the entire time you’re enrolled in that class.  You can talk to other members of your house in your common room or to anyone in the Great Hall.

Also, it’s made by fans, so the professors and people writing the courses are all volunteers.  And it’s free.  But one thing about houses.  There is no sorting hat.  You choose your own house.

So, anyone find it interesting?

Getting Busy with Studying

For a short time, I was doing only one online course.  Now, I’m doing three.  Within two weeks, I’ll be doing six at one time.  Time to get busy.

This week, I finished week 4 of Start Writing Fiction at FutureLearn, so I’m halfway done that one.  But I also started two more this week at FutureLearn, Introduction to Ecosystems and Archaeology of Portus.  I’ve already finished the first week of the ecosystems course.  So, I’m doing courses on writing, biology, and archaeology right now.

Next week, I start one course on Coursera, The Diversity of Exoplanets.  The following week, I start two more courses, Paradoxes of War and Organic Solar Cells on Coursera.

Six courses seems a bit much.  I can cope with three no problem.  The writing course finishes within two weeks of my fifth and sixth courses starting.  But another starts at the end of June, and one at the beginning of July.  But many of the courses I’m starting now finish around that time, anyway.  So it’ll be a quieter July and August.

I finished the Moons and Imagining Other Earths courses earlier this month.  I received 93% on the Moons course.  I finally received my final grade in the Dinosaur Palaeobiology course.  100%!  That feels good.

Now, I think I’ll get to work on the Portus course today and maybe get ahead on the writing course today and tomorrow.