What Will You Write? A New Writing Challenge

Writing practice is an invaluable tool to improve your writing.  Even a couple hundred words is useful.  It gets your creative juices going.  One of your short writing exercises could be a seed for a full novel.

I’m beginning a weekly challenge that is a writing exercise and should be a lot of fun.  It’s called What Will You Write?

The rules are simple.  I’ll write the beginning of a scene and post it on this blog.  You will have a week to continue the story and post it and the beginning on your blog with a link back to the original post.  It would be great to see many participants.  There will be a cut off date, and I’ll be sure to mention how long you have to post what you wrote.  What you write is up to you.  It doesn’t have to be long.  Just finish the scene.  I will set a limit to the length, probably under 500 words.  I’ll try to cover several genres to get people some practice in different styles.

Once the deadline has come, I’ll read all of the entries and choose one that I think is the best.  I’ll post the winner’s entry on this blog, along with a link back to the winner’s post.  I’ll also link to all other entries for those who want to read them all.  And once all of that’s done, I’ll start the next round.

While I’m saying this will be weekly, it’ll actually be roughly weekly.  It depends on how much time I have.  But my target is to do one every two weeks, but ideally once a week.

Now, who’s interested in joining this challenge?  You can join any time.  You can skip a week, it’s all up to you.  No pressure.  Leave a comment and let me know who’d like to participate.

21 thoughts on “What Will You Write? A New Writing Challenge”

      1. I can’t stand here tapping my foot for that long. I’m off to grab something to eat ;P I’m jonesing, No flash Fiction prompts for today.

        1. Haha. I need to come up with an idea for a prompt, and it could take a day. But in the meantime, I need to get caught up on some MOOC studying.

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