Amazing Response

Wow.  That’s all I have to say about the response I’ve received for the What Will You Write? challenge.  So far, there have been two entries completed, and I’m sure many more coming.  It’s only been one day since it started.  So thank you very much for participating, and I look forward to seeing more entries.

One thing I’ve come to realise is that I shouldn’t look at any of the entries until it’s time to judge.  I want everyone to be on a level playing field and make sure that they’re all fresh in my mind when I choose the winner.

A couple other things that have come to my attention include the length and whether the beginning can be altered.  I’m thinking that 500 words may be a bit short, so I’m fine with anything up to 1000 words.  Also, I’d say that the beginning can be altered, but please keep it mostly the same.  I want to see what everyone can do with what’s provided.