I Won’t Read That!

Is there a genre you won’t read or are extremely unlikely to read?  Is there anything that just makes you want to throw the book away?  There are some I am very unlikely to read.


If it’s just romance, I’m not interested.  If there’s an element of romance in another genre, no problem.  This genre is overwhelmingly dominated by female readers anyway.  I won’t speak for most men, but I personally have little interest in reading a story that is only about love.


I don’t really enjoy horror, either in books or movies.  To be honest, I find things like A Nightmare on Elm Street to be more comedic, anyway.  I won’t say that I’ll never read horror, I just don’t place it as a very high priority.  It’s near the bottom.


I like The Walking Dead.  However, I’m not interested in reading about it.  I’d rather watch it.  That’s right, a genre I’d prefer to watch than read.  Usually I prefer books over movies or TV, but it’s the opposite in this case.


No thanks.  Nothing against it, but I’m just not interested in reading it.

In the past, there were some genres I wasn’t interested in, but am now.  These include historical fiction, classics (except Shakespeare, I’ve always enjoyed Shakespeare), and there was a time when I refused to read Harry Potter, but ended up enjoying it quite a bit.

What are some genres you refuse to read or aren’t interested in?