Time? What’s That?

I think I’m experiencing an aspect of Murphy’s Law.  It seems that whatever can go wrong does go wrong.  In this case, things that suck up my time.

It’s really just a couple of things, but they are extremely time consuming.  The biggest issue is my daughter.  She’s been refusing to go to bed at a decent time, always waiting until around midnight or 1 am to finally go to sleep after screaming and crying.  I cannot concentrate on studying (which I need to get to work on) or writing (I must do this away from home).

But another thing that happened was that our wi-fi router died yesterday.  My wife bought a new one, could get her iPhone to connect to it and use it, but her computer simply refused to join the network.  When I got home, I tried it out with my computer and had no problem.  That is, I had no problem after I stopped it from attempting to automatically join a very weak signal with the same name as our old wi-fi.  I had to get my wife to do the same, but it wasn’t as easy with her old computer.  We finally did get it figured out, and now have fully functional wi-fi at home.

Another thing that’ll take up my time, but is actually a very good thing is the What Will You Write? challenge.  The response has been great, and there are already 5 entries.  I’m expecting at least a couple more.  Not bad for the first one, I think.

Well, I have a couple days off after today, and hopefully I can get caught up with studying and do some writing.