My Daughter Has Science Fiction in Her Blood

My daughter is 2 years and 4 months old now, and hasn’t seen one bit of science fiction.  Well, maybe she has in the form of Little Einsteins, because in what world do young children have a rocket?

Well, she did something incredibly impressive.  Although she has never seen Star Trek, she very accurately reproduced a model of the USS Enterprise with giant Lego blocks.  I wouldn’t exactly say it’s the full-sized Enterprise, but probably a baby Enterprise.  Check it out.

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Baby Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new playgrounds, to seek out new children and new nurseries, to boldly go where no toddler has gone before.

Isn’t it an amazing reproduction?  I must get her to watch some with me.  Time to create a Star Trek fan!

16 thoughts on “My Daughter Has Science Fiction in Her Blood”

  1. Dad *might* be projecting BUT be safe and expose her to Trek anyway. My 8 yo niece is only interested in pink, sparklie, pink, fairies, pink. Did I mention pink? It has to sparkle. Lights, rhinestones, glitter, or sequins are all acceptable forms of sparkle. Spock didn’t sparkle. So, I’ve lost her to dark side. Get them young.

  2. And go where no toddler has gone before!

    Hey just made my rounds on the entries for your flash prompt. Great stuff there. Not a bad turn out at all! Met some new bloggers too. So, thanks!

    1. I haven’t read them yet. I still have to do my monthly month in review tonight. The judging will come tomorrow, I think.

      I found some new ones, too. It’s a great way to network 🙂

  3. Hahahaha….too cute! I love it!
    I haven’t introduced my daughter to any sci-fi yet (that I can recall), but she took it upon herself to get WAY into the DC and Marvel Universes, so I’m happy for now. lol

      1. Not really, no. She loves the Teen Titans, but she also loves the Avengers, and her favorite superhero changes depending on when you ask. lol She really likes Spiderman, but she also likes Batman, and she gets a huge kick out of the Hulk. It’s absolutely hysterical. As I’m typing this she’s throwing imaginary lightning at me via my Thor bobblehead. XD

        1. Must be exciting there right now then 🙂 My daughter is crazy about a Japanese children’s superhero, Anpanman. Very strange origin story behind him, not to mention that his head is made of bread.

          1. Ah yes, I’ve seen him before. Not the show itself, but I’ve seen him referenced in other shows. There’s a lot of weird stuff with strange origin stories in Japan. lol It’s fun though. My husband gets the biggest kick out of a show called Bo-bo-bo-bo Bo-bo-bo. Ever see it? It’s totally mental, but hysterical. XD

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