What Will You Write? Deadline in Two Hours

The deadline for the first What Will You Write? challenge is in less than two hours.  I’ll accept late entries for only a short time after the deadline, but I hope it’ll be before.

I’ll have the entries all read this weekend, and I’ll post the full text of the winner and provide links back to all entries.  Is there a prize?  Well, just knowing you did a good job.  And writing practice improves your writing.

I’ll likely have the second challenge by mid-week next week.  Thanks for joining!

4 thoughts on “What Will You Write? Deadline in Two Hours”

    1. I’ve got a few lined up already, but I do plan on having guest judges/blurb-writers. So, I’ll be keeping the winners in mind when I do that.

  1. I wanted to join this weeks write so badly – but real life just didn’t give me enough time! Not to worry, I’m now fully ensconced in my new home with WiFi and my PC up and running – bring on the next challenge! 🙂

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