Crazy Busy Student Life

I work full time.  I also try to write as much as I can.  But now it’s like I’m a full time student.  As of this week, I am studying 6 online courses at once.  I must be crazy.

The last time I studied 6 courses at the same time was in my second year of university.  I took 6 courses both semesters after transferring from one university to another.  Some of my courses didn’t transfer, even though I was told they would.  I had to take them again.  It was an incredibly busy time, including one day that was 13 hours long, from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm.  On my first day of that schedule, I’d caught a pretty bad cold, and it was a rainy January day.  I felt awful, but it was the first day of my lab sessions, which I could not be absent from.  They were mandatory, as they were orientations to give us all of the information we needed for the semester.  I’m pretty sure I crashed in bed when I got home.

But now, I have 6 online courses to do.  These include:

  • Start Writing Fiction – I have 3 weeks to go in this one.
  • Introduction to Ecosystems – 4 weeks to go in this.
  • Archaeology of Portus – 4 weeks to go in this fascinating course about Rome’s ancient port.
  • Diversity of Exoplanets – I’ve just started this, and I can thankfully fall behind, as everything is due in mid-July.  It’s 6 weeks long.
  • Paradoxes of War – Just started today, and I have yet to look at it. It’s 8 weeks long.
  • Organic Solar Cells – Starts tomorrow and lasts until mid-July.

So, am I crazy?

Month in Review – May 2014

What a month it’s been.  I started off a bit slow, but it picked up at the end with a new writing challenge.  Let’s see how the numbers look.

May Stats

May started a bit slow, as I said.  It then slowly went up, then down, then up, then an extended lull. But when I started What Will You Write?, there was  a huge leap in the number of views.  May 26th showed a huge improvement, while May 27th was the biggest day of the month with 95 views.  May topped April’s best with 1441 views, leaving the blog with a total of 12,627 views.  The number of posts was also the best ever at 44.  That’s an average of just under 3 posts every 2 days.

At the end of May, there were 1,816 comments, meaning that May had 417 comments.  Best yet!

The top 10 countries for May are:

  1. United States (829)
  2. Canada (169)
  3. The United Kingdom (87)
  4. Japan (56)
  5. India (50)
  6. Australia (40)
  7. Brazil (15)
  8. Hong Kong (14)
  9. New Zealand (11)
  10. Germany (11)

The Alexa ranking improved to a rather high 6,404,199, which is really not very important.

Top Posts

My top 5 (6 because of a tie) most popular posts written in May are:

  1. What Will You Write? #1 – Neptune (132 views)
  2. What Will You Write? A New Writing Challenge (48 views)
  3. I Won’t Read That! (33 views)
  4. That Just Pisses Me Off (27 views)
  5. Crazy Complaints (26 views)
  6. Using a Notebook (26 views)

My most popular post written before May was, yet again, Book Review – Macbeth with 48 views.

Posts that deserve more views include:

I made a few posts about the writing course I’m taking, but they were more my thoughts and some samples of my writing.  They did okay, and weren’t at the bottom of the page view rankings.  However, the ones about the new writing challenge were unbelievable.  Amazing response.


I got a couple of reviews in.  I’ve been reading some long books recently, but I hope to get at least 3 done in June.  Here are the reviews that I posted:

Looking Ahead to June

The continuation of What Will You Write? and a page dedicated to it.  I plan to have a new challenge every 10 days or so.  Also, I have a guest post to put up!  First one.  Look forward to it.