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What Will You Write? now has its own page, so you can easy find the past entries and a list of winners.  Check it out here.  It’s listed under the Writing heading in the menu at the top of the page.

Also, just a reminder that the second challenge has only two days to go!  I can’t wait to see all of your entries.

Next week’s challenge will be an interesting one.  I’m not sticking with a genre, but focusing on a style and theme.  It’ll be a bit unusual, but a very interesting challenge.  In the fourth challenge, I’d like to have a guest judge running it, including the prompt, genre, and judging.  And just to make it interesting, I’ll be participating with my own entry.

I’m having a lot of fun with this.  I hope you are, too.  And please recommend this challenge to anyone you like.  It would be great to see some new faces around here joining the challenge.

Contemporary Issues in Science Fiction

There are a lot of issues these days that are very contentious for many people.  There’s a lot of controversy, and for some issues, there’s a lot of extremely dangerous anti-science and/or religious close-mindedness going on.  I plan to address some of them in my novels, though without being preachy.  I may address these issues, but my focus won’t be on these issues, but they’ll play a part in the story.

Here are some issues I may deal with.

Gay Marriage

Considering how gay marriage is becoming more accepted in many places, while in others, homosexuality is punishable, this is a major issue these days.  I not only accept it, I support it.  And there will be gay couples in my books.  Expect it.

Religious Intolerance

This is a very old issue that won’t die anytime soon.  Muslims versus Christians, Muslims versus Jews, any religion versus Atheism, and so on.  I live in a country where there aren’t really any issues because no one seems to care deeply about religion.  That’s quite nice.  But in places like Sudan where a woman was sentence to die because she married a Christian while her father was a Muslim.  The Westboro Baptist Church just discriminates against pretty much anything they disagree with, though they target homosexuality the most.  I will deal with propagation of a new religion and persecution.

Climate Change

This is controversial, mainly because oil companies disagree and put out propaganda based on their “research.”  Well, the US government is tackling this very strongly thanks to Obama.  My home country of Canada isn’t making good progress because of the Harper administration (which frankly needs to go away).  Japan tends to take things seriously because its major cities are coastal and will be devastated with a major rise in sea levels.  This is going to be an issue very early on in my books.  Climate change exists, and it will get worse.

Mass Extinction

It looks like we’re headed toward a mass extinction now.  And with the fact that honeybees are dying because of pesticides, a lot of plants will start disappearing if this isn’t stopped.  Very important plants.  Food crops, fruits, vegetables.  Wow, we’ll have food shortages in North America.  But it’s not just that, it’s also the hunting of endangered animals, destruction of habitats, pollution, and more.  I will deal with this, and it’ll be a major issue.

Consumerism and Capitalism

Money makes the world run, it seems.  It brings about greed.  People with money think they can do what they want.  People without money struggle to make ends meet.  Oh, you bet I’ll deal with this.

There are many other issues I’ll tackle, but these are the main ones.  My books won’t be written because of these issues, though.  What’s important are the characters and their stories.  These issues are just things that happen, and some characters will have to deal with them.

I have a question for you.  If you write about these issues, would you reflect your opinions about them, or would you write about the opposite?  For example, if you’re in support of democracy, would you write a story about a world or country that is an autocracy that actually works well?  Leave your ideas in the comments.

Interview Me, Right Now

Here is your opportunity to get to know me better.  I’d like you to interview me.

How do we do this?  Very easy.  Just ask me questions in the comments and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.  You can ask me anything, though I do reserve the right to refuse to answer some questions if they’re too personal or will spoil future stories.

So, go down to the comments section and ask me questions!  Ask as many as you like.