What Will You Write? #4 – Electrical Box

We had a winner for #3 announced, so it’s now time for the fourth challenge.  This time, we have a prompt and genre suggested by our first winner, Tracey Lynn Tobin.

What Will You Write? is a series of writing challenges that I am posting every one or two weeks.  How it works is, I post the beginning of a scene and give you the genre or theme.  You finish the scene and post it on your blog. Please read the challenge page for more information and past winners. The rules are simple:

  • First, read what I’ve written (or in this case, the guest).
  • Second, copy it and finish writing the scene.  Please keep your portion of the writing at less than 1,000 words.
  • Then, post your story to your blog.
  • Make sure you link back to this post so others can come and join in.
  • Make a post in the comments below with a link back to your post (it’s likely that if you use WordPress, there’ll be a pingback, but please leave a comment with the link nevertheless).

The deadline is about 7 days from today.  I’m making it a bit longer so there’s time on the weekend to write.  Let’s make that 3:00 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on June 22nd.  I’ll be going to bed after that time, so I can give you some leeway if you post it within 5 or 6 hours after that deadline.  But after that, I need to judge.

After the deadline, I’ll read all of the entries and decide on who I think wrote the best scene.  Originality is very important.  I will judge it based on which one grabs my attention the most.  Once I’ve decided, I’ll post the winning story with a link back to the writer’s original post.  After that, I’ll include links back to everyone else’s entry so you can see what everyone wrote.  The winner will have the opportunity to write their own prompt and be a guest judge if they want.

Our guest prompt is a much easier one than last week’s, I think.  Tracey Lynn Tobin won #1, so she wrote this prompt.  Her genre is supernatural.  I think this is genre gives you a lot of different ideas to work with, so it should be a good one.  So, here is the prompt:

Jerry flicked on the flashlight and pointed it into the electrical box. The batteries were dying, so the light barely illuminated the box enough for him to read the labels.

“Well?” Andrea asked, peering over his shoulder. “What’s the issue?”

Jerry frowned. “There’s no power,” he shot back with a sarcastic tone. “How the hell do I know? Do I look like an electrician?” Gingerly, he poked at one of the breakers and was surprised to find that his finger came away sticky. He shined the flashlight at his hand and squinted. It was some kind of red liquid. Upon further examination he saw that half the box was splattered with it.  “What the…”

Andrea’s hand reached out and grabbed Jerry’s wrist hard, her fingers digging into his skin. “Jerry,” she squeaked. “Look!”

Good luck with this one, everyone!  I will be judging, as Tracey is a bit too busy to do the judging.  I’m looking forward to your entries.

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