Reading With My Daughter

My daughter loves looking at her books.  They’re mostly picture books, but she does learn a lot of words from them.  She also has an Anpanman book that has an electronic pen that says the word when it touches the picture.  It does this in English and Japanese.  It’s a great learning tool for her, and she loves playing with it.

However, she’s almost 2 1/2 years old, and we have the Complete Peter Rabbit Library that she got as a gift from my family.  I’m going to have to start reading it to her.  It’s a collection of 23 books, so that’s a lot to read to her.  I’m not sure how much I’ll get to read to her in one sitting, as she’ll probably lose interest quickly.  But hopefully, over time, she’ll pay attention more, start understanding the stories, and look forward to being read to.

One thing this’ll have a positive effect on is my reviewing.  I’ll be reviewing each book in the series on here.  They’re pretty short, so I can finish reading them pretty quickly.  I may read ahead, just to see where the story goes, and review.  Reading to my daughter will be much slower.

I hope that my daughter will come to love reading as much as I do.  It’ll enrich her mind and fuel her imagination.

If you’ve read Beatrix Potter’s books, please leave a comment with your impression.  And which book did you like the best?

4 thoughts on “Reading With My Daughter”

  1. About Beatrix Potter, I did read THE TALE OF PETER RABBIT to my boys, and they loved it. They were around 8 and 10 years old, and we were working on a large vegetable garden at that time. They could identify with the characters, and got them to dig up the carrots from “McGregor’s” garden – loved the help!
    Didn’t continue with the series though, my boys were more into space and adventure by then.
    Reading to your daughter is the best gift you can give her! I read to both kids from the time they were around your daughter’s age, all the way up to their early teens.
    We had a special time after dinner and homework, all cuddled up in an oversized easy chair. It builds fantastic vocabulary, and builds the imagination. Both my boys LOVE to read, and my youngest recently shared his biggest moving problem is moving the 7 extra large plastic tubs of books he won’t part with. Good for you! Great for her!

    1. I share your youngest son’s problem. I have a lot of books, and moving them back to Canada in 2 years will be a pain. I will not part with them!

      Reading will be great for my daughter’s language development, too. I hope she learns the books by heart.

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