Winter is Coming…in Summer

Well, there goes summer.  Back to Westeros I go.

I’ve been feeling a lot of anticipation recently.  I’m nearly finished reading Moving Pictures, and my next book is A Storm of Swords.  Back to the world of Westeros and the coming winter.  It was just pure luck that we had a storm coming through today, so I had to take the opportunity to make this brief video.

It’s not often that I feel such a great amount of anticipation for a book.  I’m really looking forward to this.

What are you looking forward to reading this summer?

8 thoughts on “Winter is Coming…in Summer”

          1. Yes, believe it or not…people don’t say that to me. I don’t use that name to go by at work. I go by another and it causes people to break out into song. Every day. No fail. I guess most writers/readers don’t want to rub in the whole “Winter is coming…” line on me.

            That isn’t a NEW book from the series is it? I’ve read them all to date. Don’t think I’d not hear about his new one.

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