What Will You Write? #5 – Shaking Things Up

It’s time for another challenge, and this time, we have another guest.  This one is a bit different, though.  Tara Southwell is the guest, and she’s even judging!

What Will You Write? is a series of writing challenges that I am posting every two weeks.  How it works is, I post the beginning of a scene and give you the genre or theme.  You finish the scene and post it on your blog. Please read the challenge page for more information and past winners. The rules are simple:

  • First, read what I’ve written (or in this case, the guest).
  • Second, copy it and finish writing the scene.  Please keep your portion of the writing at less than 1,000 words.
  • Then, post your story to your blog.
  • Make sure you link back to this post so others can come and join in.
  • Make a post in the comments below with a link back to your post (it’s likely that if you use WordPress, there’ll be a pingback, but please leave a comment with the link nevertheless).

The deadline is about 14 days from today.   Let’s make that 3:00 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) on August 17th.

After the deadline, Tara will read all of the entries and decide on who she thinks wrote the best scene.   Once she’s decided, I’ll post the winning story with a link back to the writer’s original post.  After that, I’ll include links back to everyone else’s entry so you can see what everyone wrote.  The winner will have the opportunity to write their own prompt and be a guest judge if they want.

I’ll let Tara explain what’s going on with this prompt, so read the following:

The fifth installment of What Will You Write? is here, and rather than make a submission, I’m making a prompt! I decided that, since everyone’s style is different, I prefer to give a more general prompt instead of a prompt that’s meant to be used verbatim. And since I can’t seem to use the verbatim prompts, I thought it might be a little hypocritical lol.

Just write a story, 1,000 words or less, which includes one character taking a small object out of their pocket and saying, “It’s time to shake things up a bit.” Any genre, any type of character, as long as they have pockets.

I can’t wait to judge the entries. Good luck everybody 😀

So, there you have it.  Good luck everyone!

And I will be participating, that is if Camp NaNoWriMo lets me.

Month in Review – June 2014

It was a big month in June, and the numbers went way up again.  The writing challenge continued, and there were a few records.

June Stats

We have more records this month.  Throughout the month, the numbers have been up and down, but the peak was a record 122 views on June 2nd.  Best day so far.  June had a total of 1,852 views, which was a big improvement on May’s high of 1,441.  The month finished with a total of 14,479 views.  There was a total of 51 posts, which is also a personal best.  Still haven’t missed a day since early March.

There were 2,203 comments by the end of June, which means that June had a total of 387 comments, which is down from May’s high.

The top 10 countries for June are:

  1. United States (1,046)
  2. Canada (227)
  3. United Kingdom (135)
  4. Japan (85)
  5. Australia (65)
  6. India (31)
  7. Singapore (22)
  8. France (21)
  9. Germany (14)
  10. Norway (12)

Top Posts

The top 5 posts were mostly from the writing challenge:

  1. What Will You Write? #2 – Precipice (110)
  2. The Power of Introverts – From TED (98)
  3. What Will You Write? #4 – Electrical Box (77)
  4. What Will You Write? #1 – The Winner (44)
  5. What Will You Write? #3 – I, Elephant (42)

My most popular post written before June was, yet again, Book Review – Macbeth with 49 views.

Posts that deserve more views are:


Only one review in June, but this is mainly thanks to me reading long books. However, I am nearly finished another book.  So, here’s the review:

Looking Ahead to July

July will be a big month for me, as Camp NaNoWriMo has started again.  I’ll try to get as much done on Journey to Ariadne as I can.  Also, the writing challenge will only be happening twice, as I’m doing it once every two weeks now.  Reviewing will continue to be slow, since my next book is a really long one.  I may start up some of Beatrix Potter’s books, though.