Acts of Kindness, Ninja-Style

With all the unhappiness and trouble going on in the world, I thought I’d give a bit of happiness to some unsuspecting bloggers.  Every so often, I’ll write a post about someone’s blog, basically giving them free promotion.  And I won’t tell them about it until after the post is up.


You see, for a very long time, I’ve been able to sneak up on people soundlessly.  For some reason, I’m able to walk up to people from behind so stealthily that they never realise I’m there until they turn around.  This has resulted in me being compared to a ninja.  That’s what it says up above in Japanese.  So, I’ll be sneaking up on bloggers and surprising them with an act of kindness.  Of course, I’m not assassinating or spying, I’m just giving people a friendly act of free promotion.

I’m not going to take suggestions for blogs, though.  I’ll do the searching myself, and I’ll find worthy blogs for you to check out.  It may be someone I know, it may be a popular blog, it may be a new blog that’s just starting up.  But they’re all blogs I think you should see.  They may not be about books or writing, they could be about science, family, comedy, architecture, photography, or anything else.

I know what you’re thinking. “Why would you want to direct people away from your blog?” you ask.  I would answer, “I’m not.  Not really.  At least I don’t think so.  I just want you to see something I really like and to help out other bloggers with some exposure.”  But you would say, “I see.  What’s in it for you then?”  And I would respond, “What?  What do you mean?  I’m doing this selflessly out of pure kindness.  And it would be nice if it would continue.”  You’d say, “Continue?”  I’d nod and say, “Yes.  I’d love to see other doing some random acts of kindness in this way.  I don’t want this to be like awards or anything.  Not at all.  Just write about another blog you feel deserves to be read.  No pressure, though.  I just want to do this for others, and there’s no need to continue this, like a chain.  But if you want, that would be wonderful.”  And finally, you’d say, “Oh, I see.”

Some of my long-time readers may remember back in December, I did a 13 days of Christmas thing (start here) where I promoted different blogs every day for 13 days.  This is kind of similar, but I’ll be doing it quite randomly.  There is no schedule.  Ninjas don’t attack on a schedule.  That would defeat the purpose of a ninja.  This must be completely unexpected, but don’t expect the Spanish Inquisition or a real ninja.  You don’t want them.  You want an act of kindness from me, who is neither a ninja nor part of the Spanish Inquisition.

What I think is that this will show some goodwill toward others of the blogging community, and if you feel like joining in and giving others an act of kindness, go ahead.  I’d love to see this happening all over the place.  If you do want to participate, leave me a comment below so I can keep a page that links to your act of kindness.  Think of this as a kindness movement, ninja-style.