Living in Japan: Typhoons

Earlier tonight, I recorded a short video about some news that’s coming out of Japan this week.  Typhoon Neoguri seems to be international news from what I’ve seen from non-Japanese media, but it’s a very big deal here in Japan.  First, check out the video I posted:

As I said in the video, this is a supertyphoon, and the strongest summer typhoon to hit Okinawa in 15 years.  I saw some pictures of the damage done in Okinawa, including one of a building that had a collapsed wall.  More than half a million people have been given evacuation advisories.  The typhoon is headed toward Kyushu, the southernmost main island of Japan, and will make its way up the length of the country along the Pacific coast.  It should reach Tokyo by Friday, though in a weaker state than it is now. Still, thanks to it being rainy season, the amount of rain is likely to be incredibly large. Japan is well-prepared for typhoons, and the wind usually doesn’t do much in the way of damage to buildings, though it does knock down trees.  However, with the heavy rain on its way, flooding and landslides are the main cause of property damage and death.

I’ve been through numerous typhoons, but this one has the potential to be the worst.  I’ve been through bad ones.  One in September 2011 stranded me at work for a while until trains started running in the late evening.  I decided to walk home from the station, and I took pictures of the damage that occurred in my area.  It wasn’t so bad.  Some minor damage of buildings, a few trees knocked over, but it could’ve been far worse if it were stronger.  Neoguri seems to be stronger.

Anyway, from now until Thursday, everything should be as usual.  When Friday comes, I’ll be stuck inside the entire day, though I’ll venture outside to take a video.  I most likely won’t see any damage, if there is any, until Saturday morning.  I’ll take a video then, too.  But because I’ll be home all day on Friday doesn’t mean I’ll be writing more.  The weather may make me feel a bit restless, but the main thing is that my family will be home, and I’ll have little to no time to myself to write.  But at least I’ll have something interesting to talk about.