Desire to Explore

One of my hobbies, which I haven’t had much time for lately, is exploring.  I like going to new places and just looking around.  Japan has no shortage of places to explore.

My home country of Canada is huge.  Exploring there would take a lifetime, there are so many places to see.  One thing that my wife and I would like to do is drive around the country and explore as much as we can.  Not just the big cities, but also small towns.  Every place has something to offer, I think.

But as you know, I enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy.  One thing that fantasy provides is a new world to explore.  I’m currently in Westeros, but I was in Discworld before that.  In science fiction, you can explore a whole galaxy or at least part of a galaxy.  I was recently reading a book that went to many planets.  Imagine exploring Ringworld, the land surface being millions of Earths in size.

Back in reality, I love exploring both urban and rural areas.  I love the beach, the mountains, river valleys, and islands.  I like wandering down alleys, finding hidden spots, and visiting famous places.  I just want to see everything.

Where would you like to explore if you had a lot of time?


Uncooperative Typhoon

The typhoon’s estimated time of arrival has changed.  No longer is it arriving tomorrow afternoon.  It should be here tonight with the strongest weather coming around 3 am to 6 am.  What horrible timing! I was hoping to get some good video of the typhoon, but I’ll have to settle for slightly less crazy weather earlier tonight.

Tomorrow around noon, the typhoon will be completely finished for this area.  It’ll become sunny and very hot, getting up to 34 degrees.  If I can, I’d like to go around the neighbourhood to see if there’s any damage.  That will be a video, too.

So, the top wind speeds are expected to be around 160 km/h tonight with heavy rain.  I’ll try to stay up for a good video.  But I can’t guarantee it.  Can’t believe I’m feeling disappointed by the strongest typhoon in years.