How Creative Can You Be?

I like to write.  It’s probably my biggest passion at the moment, even though I seem to have little time for it these days.  However, I have other creative outlets available to me.  While I enjoy writing, it wasn’t my first artistic venture.

When I was a kid, I loved drawing.  I drew mainly animals and landscapes, and as the years went on into junior high and high school, my art became more realistic.  My specialty was pencil drawing.  I sketched a lot.  I didn’t paint, nor do I have a desire to.  I’m far more interested in doing pencil drawings, and I plan to do plenty for Ariadne, including landscapes (city aerial drawings), buildings, animals, and plants.  I don’t do people, though.  While I can do a decent job with faces, I really can’t get the eyes right.  Other than that, I’m pretty confident about my ability for realism.

Another creative hobby of mine is photography.  I really enjoy taking pictures of nearly anything I see.  I put most of my photography on couple of blogs, my Japan blog (although I haven’t done many photos on there lately) and my iPhone photography blog (which I haven’t done a good enough job at updating daily).  Go ahead and check them out.  I need to do some maintenance with the photo blog, though.  For some reason, photos no longer appear on the main page, though they do on their individual posts.

What are your creative abilities?