The Influence of Goodreads Ratings

I just started reading a book in my Kindle app on my iPhone tonight, and it’s the lowest-rated book I have.  On Goodreads, it’s rated a 2.85 overall with 41 ratings.  Doesn’t sound very good, does it?  But did it deter me from reading it?  Not at all.

First of all, it was a free download.  Second, it’s not a very long book, so it shouldn’t take me long to read.  Third, I like to give some of these lower-rated books a try, just in case I may actually like them.

Does Goodreads influence which books I read?  Yes, it does.  I do look at the overall ratings, and normally wouldn’t start on something that’s rated poorly, unless it was a free book.  I usually wouldn’t buy a book from the store if I saw that it had low ratings.  I go for the books with better ratings, because I’d like to spend my money on a good quality product.

Since it is rated quite low, I’m going into the book with low expectations.  It’s difficult not to.  I want to go in with an open mind, and I do the best I can, hoping for a surprise.  I have read books I enjoyed, but were rated lower than expected. I’ve also read books I thought weren’t deserving of the 4.00+ average rating on Goodreads.  It’s all personal taste.

How much do the ratings on Goodreads affect what you read?