10 Questions with Crystin Goodwin

This time for 10 Questions, I interview Crystin Goodwin, a frequent commenter here.  She also happens to have a book out.  So, I’ll let her introduce herself.

Hello! I’m a longtime reader and a new author that currently writes fantasy. I published my first novel March 2014, and I’m currently working on the next in the series. I live in Austin, TX with my British-American husband and a beautiful cat named Kira. I work as a supervisor at Starbucks to actually make money, and I do my writing as a hobby. Other hobbies include reading (duh), gaming – specifically on World of Warcraft, watching anime, and drawing.

 I’m still new at the social media scene, but I can be found in a few places:

 My blog – http://crystinlgoodwin.wordpress.com/

Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/Crystin.Goodwin?ref_type=bookmark

Goodreads – https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8049970.Crystin_Goodwin

 I also have a twitter, @crystinlgoodwin – but I haven’t quite mastered that one yet.

1. What’s your favourite colour?

Teal, any shade. Though currently I’m extra fond of a light teal – almost seafoam green.

2. What’s your favourite food?

Do you like Marmite? Ooh, that’s a hard one. I’d say it’s a tie between a really good steak and sushi. I can’t say I’ve ever tried Marmite, so I don’t know.

3. Which country would you most like to visit?

Japan, actually! I’m a huge fan of Japanese culture, and I’m an anime fan, too.

4. What genres do you like to read?

Almost anything, really. I’d have to say my favorites are fantasy, paranormal, romance, and young adult. I’d say sci-fi, too, but I think the only sci-fi books I’ve read were all by Anne McCaffrey. Not sure if I can say I like the entire genre when I’ve only read one author in it. 🙂

5. If you were going to write a book outside your genre(s), which genre would you choose?

Do you mean a genre that I don’t read? Cause that would be difficult to choose. My current works are fantasy – if I decided to write something other than that … maybe romance? Contemporary romance, even – I don’t read much of that, either.

6. Describe your writing environment, including room, desk, sounds, etc.

Actually, I recently moved, so my writing environment has changed a little. I used to have my own room filled with my books and my cat’s possessions that was upstairs – away from the kitchen, the husband’s office, and other distractions. Now, we’re in an apartment, and I have a nice little desk in a corner of the living room. I also switched from a desktop to a laptop (space is at a premium). Let’s see, I usually have my cat wandering around and occasionally checking on me, and I listen to an awesome Pandora station that I created that has a mix of some of my favorite 90s music. Finally, I switch between writing on Google Drive or Scrivener based on my mood. Word is for all my editing and formatting.

7. If you could have dinner with any character from your books, who would it be?

Marius Caleo. I absolutely love his personality and I think he’d be a blast to talk with. Not only that, but he’s part of the upper crust of his society – so the food would be top notch.

8. Do you draw maps when planning your books? 

I didn’t when I first started writing my first novel – I wasn’t that prepared. About halfway through I did draw a map though, I wanted to keep everything straight in my head.

9. Do you ever read self-published books?

Yes – but there’s a disclaimer here. I’ve read a few books by fellow bloggers who are self published – but I don’t look to see who’s published a book when I read. I don’t care how the book came to be in my greedy little hands – if it’s a story I find interesting, that’s all I need. So yes, I can and have read self-published books, but I couldn’t give you a specific number or anything.

10. I’m interested in fantasy, science fiction, history, and classics. Which author’s books would you recommend to me?

Hmm, well you already read one of my all time favorites – Anne McCaffrey. I’ll shamelessly recommend you read my book, UnBlessed, just because I can. More seriously, try Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series and R.A. Salvatore’s Drizzt series for good fantasy reads. My favorite classic is A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. I’ve got nothing for fantasy or science fiction – but I’ll end with a possible off-genre recommendation that you might enjoy: Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series. It’s a paranormal fantasy – does that count?

Thanks for having me! Looking forward to finding some new good books and authors to follow. 🙂

Thank you, Crystin.  You have some good recommendations.  I’ve got some of Salvatore’s Drizzt books, and have read some, but no reviews yet.   It’s interesting that you’re an anime fan.  To be honest, so was I, but I lost interest about a year after I came to Japan.  I got into the real Japan, which was far more interesting.  However, I still do love Ghibli movies.

If you have any questions for Crystin, please leave a comment!

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