Daily Flash Fiction is Happening

As I mentioned before, I decided I’m going to write very short pieces of fiction related to things I like and dislike.  I’ll choose a topic and write a brief scene about that topic.  The first one will go up on August 1st, and hopefully every day after that.  I can’t guarantee it’ll be done every day, since I may actually be writing Journey to Ariadne and have no time for the flash fiction.

So, what’s my first theme?  Well, of course it has to be one of my biggest likes, as well as many other people’s biggest loves.  It’s the most perfect, beautiful tasting and smelling food that makes your mouth water.  It’s bacon!

So, how can I write fiction about bacon?  You just wait and see.

Prime Reading Location

I try to read as much as I can in what little free time I have.  I don’t consider blogging my free time.  I don’t consider vlogging free time, either.  It’s work.  Unpaid work, but still work.  However, reading is a hobby of mine.  I like to get myself lost in a book, transported to another place and time.  I also want to find the perfect place to read.

These days, I tend to do most of my reading on the train to and from work, as well as during my break at work when there aren’t many distractions.  If a coworker has a break at the same time, I can’t read.  I’d love to read at home, but I find that my daughter would prefer to have my attention.

I want a comfortable place to sit and read.  Outside is wonderful, as long as there aren’t many insects and it isn’t too hot.  In my home would be fine if I had a private place to go to read in silence.  A cafe can be a bit noisy and I feel guilty if I’m taking up space after finishing my drink.  What I would like to have is my own room.  I kind of office/library with a sofa.  That would be wonderful.

What’s your ideal reading space?