Daily Flash Fiction 1 – Bacon

baconSo enticing.  So mouthwatering. Barry entered the dimly-lit warehouse, unable to resist the scent.  Bacon! I must have it.

He stalked his prey, moving through the shadows.  He couldn’t see his goal.  It must be somewhere. But where is it?

Relying on his nose, the intoxicating smell drew him toward a collection of crates, stacked in a circle, not unlike Stonehenge.  That’s when he saw it.  In centre of the circle, a column of light revealed a table with a platter of pork belly bacon.  The aroma grew stronger as he strode toward the cratehenge.

Barry couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling.  This is strange.  Why would there be bacon in a place like this?  Who put it there? He inhaled the scent and smiled.  It must be a gift from above.  It’s so heavenly.

He dashed to the table and grabbed a rasher.  Fried to crispy perfection.  He smelled the strip and closed his eyes.  Is this heaven?  Barry’s hand directed the bacon past his lips and toward his awaiting tongue.  He bit the strip in half and savoured the flavour.  This is incredible.  This is the best bacon I’ve ever had.  And it’s all mine.

A metallic crash broke his reverie and his eyes snapped open.  A cage with vertical bars surrounded him, trapping him like an animal.  Who could have done this?  Was this a trap? he asked himself.

“Hello?” he said.  He scanned the darkness beyond the cage and didn’t see anything other than the crates.  “Is anyone there?  I’d like a little help, please.”

He saw something move in the darkness behind a crate.  He squinted.  A woman? The figure was slight and petite and moved with the grace of a dancer.  It came into the light and Barry gasped.  The woman was not human.  The ash-skinned being observed him with vivid aquamarine eyes larger than his fist.  It had a large, egg-shaped head and a mouth that looked like toilet seat.  The thin arms and legs appeared boneless, moving with the flexibility of octopus tentacles.  The four-fingered hands relaxed by its sides.  An alien?

The alien tilted its head, regarding Barry with an expression he couldn’t place.  Flute music filled the air.  But it wasn’t a flute.  Barry heard words.  The alien was speaking to him.  “Stupid human.  We know your weakness.”

Barry’s vision turned to black.  The bacon.  The delicious, irresistible bacon must have been drugged. He then fell into a dreamless sleep.

Resolutions, and It’s not New Year’s Day

Who cares that it’s not January 1st?  I’m going to make some resolutions now.

Sometimes, I feel like I have to do some refocusing on what I need to do to be more successful at what I do.  I need to cut what’s unnecessary and devote more resources to what’s important.  So, here are my New Month’s Resolutions:

  • Devote at least 30 minutes a day reading.  I do read around 40-90 minutes already, but I don’t read on my days off.  I need to remedy that.
  • Devote at least 30 minutes a day writing.  I’ve been bad at this.  I need to write, whether it’s for Journey to Ariadne, flash fiction, or something else.
  • Work on Journey to Ariadne at least 3 days a week.  If I do this, I could get more parts out faster.
  • Do at least 2 videos a week, preferably one on books and writing, and the other on Japan.  I’ve been doing a decent job of Japan videos, though.
  • Post comments on other blogs every day.  I just must do this.
  • Reblog a great post at least once a week.  It’s great to promote others’ blogs.
  • Try to post on average 2 posts per day.  1 post is flash fiction, the other is something else.  More if I can.
  • Write flash fiction every day.  It’ll help me improve my writing skills and will expose people to my writing.
  • Write a rather personal blog post, one which I hope will be inspirational to others.
  • Engage people on Twitter daily.  I tend to respond a day or two late.  I can’t continue doing that.
  • Use more images on my blog posts.  Something simple is fine.
  • Try to do one worldbuilding post a month.  This is an important subject to me.

That’s a lot of resolutions, but I think they’re all achievable.  They aren’t extreme, and I have the ability to do them all.  I just need to dedicate myself to doing this.

Anyone else have any 58.3% of the Year’s Resolutions?

Month in Review – July 2014

July was a busy month, mostly in my personal life, but there was also Camp NaNoWriMo.  However, it was slower here on the blog.

July Stats

No records broken this month, unfortunately.  It wasn’t as busy as June was, but I think many people were busy, since it is summer.  The busiest day was July 25th with 87 views.  July had 1,505 views in total, which is the second best month.  The month finished with 15,984 views.  There were 47 posts, which brought the total past 500 posts.

The month ended with 2,508 comments, meaning there were 305 comments during the month.  This is down from June.

The top 10 countries for July are:

  1. United States (898)
  2. Canada (183)
  3. Japan (84)
  4. United Kingdom (80)
  5. Australia (34)
  6. India (27)
  7. Singapore (21)
  8. Norway (16)
  9. Germany (8)
  10. Netherlands (6)

Top Posts

The 5 most popular posts made in July are:

  1. Welcome, World! Stay a While (46 views)
  2. Cravings I Can’t Satisfy in Japan (39 views)
  3. Narrative: Simple Is Best? (30 views)
  4. Uncooperative Typhoon (29 views)
  5. Strong Female Characters (28 views)
  6. Free or 99 Cents? (28 views)

My most popular post written before July was actually my most popular post in July.  That was The Power of Introverts – From TED. It had 78 views.

Posts that deserve another look are:


Not a single review posted.  However, I did finish 2 books, and plan to have the reviews up soon.

Looking Ahead to August

August is a hot month, and I do have a short holiday in the middle of the month, so I may have more time to work on the blog.  I’d like to break my post record with 60.  But I’ll be happy with 50 posts.  You’ll see a couple of reviews shortly, as well.  There are a couple really big things happening in August.  First is the return of What Will You Write? It’ll be done every two weeks starting this weekend.  Second, I’m starting a flash fiction series, and hope to write a very short scene every day starting today.  I hope you enjoy it.

July felt like a slow month to me, so I hope things improve for August.  I look forward to seeing what August brings.