Daily Flash Fiction 1 – Bacon

baconSo enticing.  So mouthwatering. Barry entered the dimly-lit warehouse, unable to resist the scent.  Bacon! I must have it.

He stalked his prey, moving through the shadows.  He couldn’t see his goal.  It must be somewhere. But where is it?

Relying on his nose, the intoxicating smell drew him toward a collection of crates, stacked in a circle, not unlike Stonehenge.  That’s when he saw it.  In centre of the circle, a column of light revealed a table with a platter of pork belly bacon.  The aroma grew stronger as he strode toward the cratehenge.

Barry couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling.  This is strange.  Why would there be bacon in a place like this?  Who put it there? He inhaled the scent and smiled.  It must be a gift from above.  It’s so heavenly.

He dashed to the table and grabbed a rasher.  Fried to crispy perfection.  He smelled the strip and closed his eyes.  Is this heaven?  Barry’s hand directed the bacon past his lips and toward his awaiting tongue.  He bit the strip in half and savoured the flavour.  This is incredible.  This is the best bacon I’ve ever had.  And it’s all mine.

A metallic crash broke his reverie and his eyes snapped open.  A cage with vertical bars surrounded him, trapping him like an animal.  Who could have done this?  Was this a trap? he asked himself.

“Hello?” he said.  He scanned the darkness beyond the cage and didn’t see anything other than the crates.  “Is anyone there?  I’d like a little help, please.”

He saw something move in the darkness behind a crate.  He squinted.  A woman? The figure was slight and petite and moved with the grace of a dancer.  It came into the light and Barry gasped.  The woman was not human.  The ash-skinned being observed him with vivid aquamarine eyes larger than his fist.  It had a large, egg-shaped head and a mouth that looked like toilet seat.  The thin arms and legs appeared boneless, moving with the flexibility of octopus tentacles.  The four-fingered hands relaxed by its sides.  An alien?

The alien tilted its head, regarding Barry with an expression he couldn’t place.  Flute music filled the air.  But it wasn’t a flute.  Barry heard words.  The alien was speaking to him.  “Stupid human.  We know your weakness.”

Barry’s vision turned to black.  The bacon.  The delicious, irresistible bacon must have been drugged. He then fell into a dreamless sleep.

10 thoughts on “Daily Flash Fiction 1 – Bacon”

  1. Nicely done! You know, as I was reading this I thought the twist was going to be that this character was a dog XD But a human/alien makes sense too given that stereotypically they are portrayed as more intelligent beings. The only thing that made me stop was this line, “It had a large, egg-shaped head and a mouth that looked like toilet seat.” I’m trying to imagine this, but I can’t. . .

        1. Well, I’m going to try write about anything I like or dislike. It won’t necessarily be the focus of what’s happening, but it’ll be a major part.

  2. Thank you for making me smile today! Great presentation, and I had to wipe the drool off my face after seeing the picture! Meat candy is the perfect bait!

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