Daily Flash Fiction #3 – Skin

Jesse peeled the glove off his left hand.  His skin cracked on his fingers and two bled.  It was painful.

He opened his locker and took out his cream.  He twisted off the lid, but saw the door to his left open.  Benny.  Why’d it have to be him? thought Jesse.

“Hey, Jess, whatcha got there?” said Benny.  He craned his neck to get a better look.

“Nothing much.  Hand just got banged up a bit on that last play.  He slid right into my hand and it hit the base.”  It was a lie.  Go away, Benny.  I don’t want you to see this.

“Let me look,” he said.

Jesse jerked his hand out of Benny’s line of sight.  “No, it’s all right.”

“Ya think I’m gonna do something to you?” said Benny as he raised his eyebrow.

Yes, I do think that. You’re the biggest pain in the ass on this team.  “No, it’s just no big deal.”

Benny grabbed Jesse’s shoulder and turned him around.  Jesse looked down at the floor.  He didn’t want to look Benny in the eye.

“Oh, what’s this?” He looked at Jesse’s hand and nodded.  “I see, I see.”

“What?  What do you see?” snapped Jesse.  He pulled his hand back and reached for his glove.

“Psoriasis, isn’t it?”

“Huh?  How do you know?”  His eyes met Benny’s.  He didn’t see scorn or ridicule, but sympathy.

“I got it, too,” he said.  “Look.”  He pointed at his head.  “Red and flakey all over.  It’s a bitch to get rid of.  Annoys the hell out of me.”

Jesse stared.  I can’t believe it. All this time, I’ve been trying to hide it, and the team’s biggest bully has it, too.

“Jess, you’re not alone,” Benny said and smiled.  “Now get your ass out of here before I decide to do something.”

Jesse smiled.  I guess I’m not alone. “Thanks, Benny.”

What Will You Write? #5 Restart

It’s August, so that means the hiatus is over.  What Will You Write? is starting again, and part 5 will begin again now.

Over the past month, many of you would have been participating in Camp NaNoWriMo.  Well, feel free to ease your Camp hangover with this challenge.

It’s very easy, just go to the original post, read the rules and write your entry.  You have 2 weeks to complete your entry.  So, that gives you until August 17th at 3:00 pm GMT.  Please link back to the original post and leave a comment there.  I’d like to keep all the entries linked to from the original post for easy reference.  So, please do not post your entry to this post, only to the original post.

As before, Tara Southwell is the guest judge, so she can’t enter this round.  There are already two entries, but I’m sure she’d like to read more. So, please share this with anyone you think would enjoy doing this challenge.