Twitter Follower Milestone

Twitter has a limit to the number of people you can follow.  That number is 2,000, unless the number of followers that you have is within 10%.  Well, my follower count just passed 2,000.

I currently have 2,002 followers and I follow 2,051.  How did I do it?  Quite easily, actually.  I used justunfollow, a service that allows you to copy followers from others, see who’s reliable at following you back, and see who hasn’t been updating in a long time.

Well, I don’t copy followers.  I don’t like to do that.  I do check other popular Twitter users’ followers and see who looks interesting for me to follow.  So, I follow those people, and hope they follow back.  Keep in mind that I only follow those I’m interested in.  I don’t just follow whoever.  If someone follows me, I don’t necessarily follow back unless I’m interested in that person.

I also go through who I’m following to see who hasn’t updated in a long time. If their account has been silent for more than 6 months, I just unfollow them.  No need to have dead accounts wasting space.  It’s the people I follow that need to be monitored.  They don’t have to follow me back, just as long as they are actually updating.

I value my followers.  I want to provide something they can enjoy reading.  If you want to follow me, my Twitter account is right here.  I can’t guarantee I’ll follow back, but if your interests are similar to mine, there’s a great chance I will follow back.  If you’re a writer, I’ll definitely follow back.

Well, thanks to everyone who does follow me.  You’re all appreciated, and if you interact with me on Twitter, I will always reply.

12 thoughts on “Twitter Follower Milestone”

    1. Yeah, it’s a strange limit. But getting past 2,000 is more of a personal achievement, and every number above that still requires the number of followers to be a maximum of 10% less than the number of people you follow.

  1. I just used it to remove a huge chunk of folks that weren’t following back. I’m really surprised by some of them. I thought they were, but I guess not haha.

    1. I found that there’s one twitter account that keeps following me every time I stop following them. They only follow me so I’ll follow back, then they stop following me. Then I stop following them. Then they follow me back again. It’s an endless cycle.

      1. Weird. I’m not interested in people who only follow me in order to be followed back. I do appreciate follow-backers, but only if we have the same interests because that’s why I follow in the first place. You know?

        1. Exactly. So I don’t follow back just anyone. I have to be interested in them. But if you see well-known people who have an official Twitter account, they have far more followers than people they follow.

  2. Hi, I have a similar philosophy with Twitter, in my case based on my mantra-like concept of ‘Reciprocation’. If someone follows me, I always follow back, unless it is an obvious spam account. I usually don’t follow someone if their follower figure is significantly higher than their following number.

    I have some mutual followings with people on completely opposite sides of the political and social spectra. Sometimes this is good and interesting, sometimes not so.

    I aggressively unfollow accounts that don’t reciprocate my follow within a ‘reasonable’ time. I use a different application than you to do that (

    One of the best features of Twitter, which I’ve started using in a big way, is the Mute feature. For those accounts that fill up my timeline with quotes or inspirational phrases, or whatever, but who don’t communicate on a personal level, I just go to their account and mute them. They disappear, but we are still mutual followers, and if they or I want to communicate, we can still do that. You can also turn off retweets, so that you only get original tweets from an account and not the 10,000 other things they retweet.

    I’ve been thinking about putting together a list of rules that I use for Twitter, just for interests sake, and putting the call out to see if my rules seem OK. Always interested to hear other people’s rules and methods.

    And, I just followed you…


    1. And I followed you, too.

      I rarely follow back someone who has only an egg for an avatar. Sometimes they’re real, though. I follow them.

      The ones I don’t follow are those who only follow to get follow-backs. They usually have a large number of followers and they don’t follow many at all. They’re just going to unfollow. I’ve noticed them doing that a lot.

      1. I noticed. 😉

        The eggs are a worry. Who wouldn’t want to ditch that ASAP? And yes, follower-hunters are just disappointing individuals…

        If everyone was more like us (intolerant of the number-chasers), they wouldn’t exist.


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