Children are Storytellers

Remember when you were a child and you spent hours pretending to be someone you weren’t? I do. I’ve been a robotic cop, a dinosaur, I turned life into a first person point of view video game long before virtual reality came out, and I was a superhero called Lobsterman. Really. Lobsterman. My mittens were lobster claws.

Well, today, my family went to a fun park with a great playground and pond with rivers to okay in. This is the playground.

Playground set in Ryodan Park, Ayase City, Kanagawa, Japan.

If you played on it, what kind of story would you have created?

16 thoughts on “Children are Storytellers”

  1. Every time I went to a park as a kid, the ground was lava – I had to get where I was going by using the playplace and not touchin’ the ground. Talk about a workout haha.

            1. I didn’t do that, but near where I lived when I was a kid, there was a shopping mall with black floor tiles and many coloured tiles in patterns. I didn’t step on the black tiles.

  2. When I was a kid playgrounds like this were all about super-dangerous secret missions. My cousins and I would climb around carefully, never allowing ourselves to touch the ground, and pretend that there were dangerous men out to kill us. XD

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