Daily Flash Fiction #4 – Mittens

Patrick stumbled in the snow and put his hands in front of himself to stop his fall.  He got back up and shook his hands to get the snow off.  He looked around the playground to see if anyone noticed his gracefulness.  No one looked his way.

He pulled out his mittens and ducked behind the steps leading up to his school.  The red mittens matched the red toque on his head, but he wore a green winter coat with matching snow pants.  He hesitated to put on his mittens, looked around, and sighed.  The cold ate at his fingers.

A shout caught his attention, and he looked in the direction it came from.  A bigger boy, maybe in grade three, pushed down another boy.  His eyes widened as he noticed who the younger boy was.  “Gavin,” he whispered.  “I have to save him.”

Patrick put on his mittens and felt the energy pouring into him.  He looked at his mitten-covered hands and touched his thumbs and forefingers together.  They transformed into powerful claws.  Power pumped through his veins.  He was ready.  He stood up and shouted, “Stop!”

The bigger boy looked at him and paused.  His mouth opened, but he didn’t say anything.  He looked stunned.

“Don’t hurt Gavin.  He’s my friend,” said Patrick.  “I will stop you.  I am Lobsterman.  You can’t beat Lobsterman!”

He sprinted toward the boy and tripped on a baseball buried under the snow.  He recovered by using his powerful lobster claws to break his fall and stand up again.  He continued his charge and jumped at the bully.  The bigger boy sidestepped Lobsterman and the hero fell face-first into the snow.

“Stupid kid,” said the third grader.  “Lucky for you the teacher is coming.”

Lobsterman watched the boy retreat.  I coulda beat him up with these claws, he thought.  No one can beat Lobsterman!


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