What Will You Write Reminder

Only 5 days to go until What Will You Write? number 5 is finished.  This is just a friendly reminder to submit your scene for Tara to judge by August 17th 3 pm GMT.

Hope to see some submissions in the next few days.  Let’s give Tara a good group of stories to read.  Go to the original post here and follow the intructions.


Robin Williams Dead

Robin Williams 2011a
By Eva Rinaldi (Flickr: Robin Williams) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons
I’m in a bit of shock this morning as I write this.  This is breaking news at this moment.  There’s almost no information about what happened, other than it being suicide.  Robin Williams has died.

This is not just another celebrity death.  You see, he is, or was my favourite actor.  I loved his ability to improvise.  He could make a joke much faster than most people could.  He could improvise several minutes of jokes.  Very intelligent, quick-witted, just gifted with comedy.

I understand he had been having problems with alcohol recently again, and had gone into rehab about a month ago.  I have to wonder what happened.

His humour and presence will be missed.

Edit:  I had to add this video I found on YouTube.  I remember watching his entire interview on Inside the Actors’ Studio, and I thought he was absolutely brilliant.  I didn’t find a full video, but this one says it shows the best parts.  They’re not my favourite parts, but this shows his humour, sometimes dirty, but always funny.

Commentition: My Super Commenters

Commentition: Comment competition.  I just made up that word.  I think comments are a very important part of blogging, and I’m thankful for a good number of regular commenters.  They help drive me to post, and they give me a big smile when I see the new comment notification when I’m on WordPress.

So, I thought I’d thank my top 6 commenters publically, and I’ll not only do it now, but I think I’ll do it every month.  That’s where the competition comes in.  Whoever comments a lot will get free publicity!  You have to love that, right?

The rankings are based on the last 1000 comments, so it doesn’t just include the past month, but includes the past 3 months, approximately.  Just so you know, I have commented 483 times on this blog, but I don’t count.  It’s my blog.

So, here are the top 6 commenters!

1. The top commenter with a total of 78 comments is Sierra!  She has a great blog and also has a book published.  Like me, she’s started vlogging.  Check out her blog here.

2. In second place with 57 comments is winterbayne! She’s been a wonderful commenter, and is a fellow INTJ.  She’s also getting a couple of her stories published soon.  Congrats! Check out her blog here.

3. Third place with 39 comments is Tracey Lynn Tobin! She was the first winner of What Will You Write?  She’s also working on a zombie apocalypse novel.  Take a look at her blog.

4. In fourth place with 34 comments is Linda G. Hill.  She writes, she parents, she even does poetry.  Check it all out here!

5. In fifth place is my sole non-Wordpress commenter, with 24 comments, winner of 2 What Will You Write? contests, and the judge of the current round.  It’s Tara Southwell!  Check out her blog here.

6. In sixth place, we have a person with 20 comments.  That’s H. Anthe Davis.  She has 2 published books with a third coming, all in a fantasy series.  Check out her blog here.

Interesting that all 6 of my top commenters are women.  Hey, men, where are you?  Well, we’ll see how it goes next month.  As for you top 6, thank you very much for being such great commenters!  You make it a lot more fun.