24 Hour Notice – What Will You Write?

This is just a 24 hour notice of the deadline of What Will You Write? #5.  Go here for all the information you need for the challenge.

This will mark the first time that someone else does the judging.  So, I hope Tara Southwell enjoys reading and judging!

Thank You to My 500 Followers

In the past couple of days, this blog finally reached 500 followers.  Thank you to everyone who has followed and reads this blog.  I hope you’re all enjoying it.

As part of my thank you, I’d like to ask you a survey question.  This is kind of a state-of-the-blog kind of thing.  I want to know what my readers think.  So here’s my question:

If there’s one thing you could improve, or something you’d like to see more of, or something you’d like to see added, what is it?

Please leave your answer in the comments.