I Like Monday

There, I said it!  I like Monday.  Think I’m crazy?  I mean, you must be thinking that it’s the first day of the workweek.  Weekend is over.  How can Jay Dee like Mondays?

Well, first of all, I work all weekend.  That’s right, Saturday and Sunday are workdays for me.  Monday happens to be my Wednesday.  Wednesday is my Friday, which means Thursday and Friday are my Saturday and Sunday.  Confused?  I’m not.

A second reason is that I work farther from home on Mondays than any other day of the week.  Why does a longer commute make me happy?  I get a full half hour each way on the train to read!  It’s my best reading time.  My commute doesn’t seem long at all when I’ve got myself in another world (at the moment, in Westeros).  And since I go from terminal station to terminal station, I’m almost guaranteed a seat.

I guess one bonus is that my coworkers on Monday are quite similar to me, so very easy to get along with.

That is why I like Monday.  How about you?