A Push to Write

This is the week.  The week to really push myself.

I have four days in which I have time in the morning to write, two of which I’ll be home alone.  My plans for tomorrow are to get the final edit done on Journey to Ariadne part 2 done and posted as soon as I can. I’ll also do some editing to part 3 and get it submitted for critiquing at Critique Circle.  And part 4 will be worked on, hopefully completed by the end of the week.

Daily Flash Fiction sure didn’t turn out to be daily.  I haven’t written any of it in a bit.  Thank being busy for that.  I’ve been having to focus on several other things that are totally unrelated to my blogs or writing.  I hope to get that restarted soon.

Anyway, look forward to some big things in the coming days and continuing on for the next several years.