Daily Flash Fiction #5 – Flash! Friday Entered (Vol 2 – 38)

Flash! Friday is another flash fiction contest, and a much more popular one than what I’ve got going.  This one is limited to only 150 words.  That can be quite difficult.  But I decided to join last Friday’s edition.  In the next few hours, the winners will be announced, so I’m pretty curious to see if my story has been picked.

Here’s my story:

A Hero’s Welcome

Fuzz Baldwin, the hero of Alpha Centauri. That’s what they’ll call me, thought Captain Baldwin as he tumbled out of the capsule into the frigid waters. Darcy Kroeger splashed in behind him.

“Hey, Fuzz! We did it!” Darcy’s smile gave away his youthful exuberance. “I landed it perfectly.”

Clinging to the inflatable ring on the capsule, Fuzz grinned. “You know what they’ll say?”

Darcy nodded. “Yeah, that ace pilot Darcy Kroeger saved the day. Turning left around Proxima Centauri was the best decision of my life.”

“Left?” Fuzz’s mouth hung wide open when he heard the click. Oh no. He craned his neck to his right.

“What do we have here? A couple of pink ones.” Four eyes on a scaly head stared back at him. “Lost?”

“Darce, you idiot! Right! You were supposed to turn right around Proxima. This is Epsilon Eridani.”

“And you are tonight’s dinner, hero sandwiches.”

I used a bit of humour for this one.  That last line came to me just as I was finishing it.  I had never intended on that.  It was a moment of inspiration.

So, what do you think?

The Power of a Headache

You ever have plans to do a lot, but a headache thwarts those plans?  That’s happened to me tonight.

I had a book review planned for tonight.  I can’t really concentrate on it.  So, I’ll do something else.  I’ll let you know about a couple things.

First, What Will You Write? #6 will be finishing in a few days.   You still have time to get your entry in.

Second, I’d still like some comments about my official website.  Please go here and leave some comments about what you’d like to see.

That’s about it.  I think I should probably get some sleep.  Sleep off this headache.  Good night everyone!