Things Making Me Go “Argh”

Having one of those nights.

1. My daughter has had a fever off and on over the past three days.  It’s pretty high tonight.  It has me worried sometimes, especially when remembering her hospitalisation last year after a febrile seizure and suffering from pneumonia.  Scary stuff.

2. Immigration headaches are argh-worthy.  CIC website says to use the latest Adobe Reader to view the new forms.  Adobe Reader is updated to the latest version.  So when I try to view the forms, all it says is to upgrade my Adobe Reader.  I try again, and it is the latest version.  The forms still don’t believe my fully updated Adobe Reader is a fully updated Adobe Reader.

3. Immigration wants me to provide them with 9 recent photos of each person in my family, accompanying and non-accompanying, with the size of 35mm x 45mm.  Accompanying what?  How vague is that?  Do they want two people in the same photo?  If so, that doesn’t seem to fit the photo specifications they want.  So unclear.  I really dislike unclear instructions on government forms.

4. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and this post on the Huffington Post.  This has been a problem for a while now, and every time I see something about the muzzling of Canadian scientists by the Canadian government, I want to shout at Stephen Harper that his policies on scientific research are making Canada the laughing stock of the world.  Our scientists can’t do their jobs properly because of this moron.  Yes, I called him a moron.  Environment Canada is being stripped of vital funding because, to him, profit is more important that trying to combat climate change.

Well, I gave you some stuff to discuss.  Comments very welcome!

14 thoughts on “Things Making Me Go “Argh””

  1. Countdown:
    #4. No comment. Just pisses me off.
    #3. I found the pdf. explaining it. By accompanying, they’re talking to your wife She isn’t coming to Canada alone (I assume), you and your daughter will accompany her. If she was traveling to Canada alone (as my ex did since I was already here) then they would still need yours and your daughter’s pictures. (non-accompanying) Clear as mud?
    #2. Try backing up one version. Japan may be ahead in Adobe versions. In the meantime, anything I can do to help…
    #1. Hope your daughter is better soon! I remember my mother wrapping my feet in ice-cubes when Aspirin didn’t work well enough. Best of luck!

    1. Thanks. I got an email from the embassy explaining this, but they said not to include my daughter’s pictures. Anyway, I need to email CIC about any other things, not the embassy.

      Japan’s not ahead in Adobe, especially since I’m not using any Japanese software or looking at any Japanese PDFs. It turns out that the new PDFs don’t seem to work with Firefox. Works with Internet Explorer.

      1. I use Firefox… 😛 As long as you can make them work, that’s the main thing I guess. Sucks having to use IE though.
        I do remember the CIC saying something about not including pictures of kids under a certain age – 14 maybe? – when I was applying for my ex to come here. And I spent SO many hours listening to the damned Musac on hold on their 800 number… At least you’re spared that torture.

        1. Ah, well she’s only 2. I need her picture for her citizenship certificate, though.

          I wonder why it’s not working on Firefox for me. Strange. Everything’s up to date, and I even have Windows 8.

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