The Most Perfect Things According to My Five Senses

Everyone has their favourite things.  Well, here are some of my favourite things classified by the five senses.


Let’s look at the less obvious things, rather than the things that everyone likes.  This is what I love looking at:  bookshelves filled with books, bookstores, bamboo forests, mountains.


These are the things I love to hear: silence, rain, light wind blowing through a forest with sounds of birds, ocean waves.


This is what I love to feel:  being in water, a cold drink in summer, my daughter’s hug, a cool breeze on a hot day.


I love these scents: bacon frying, curry, garlic.


There are so many things I love to taste, but these are at the top: bacon, grilled cheese sandwich, raspberries (I’ve been obsessed with them lately, even though it’s been a very long time since I’ve eaten any), fruit flavoured popsicle on a summer day, mint chocolate ice cream.

How about you?