What Will You Write? and the Sidebar

There’s a new widget in the right sidebar.  What Will You Write? has its own space so you can always see if there’s a challenge running.  Currently, round #7 is running, and there’s still another week to go.

Round #6 had a better turnout than previous rounds, but so far, #7 is going very slowly.  Please check it out and join.  It’ll be lots of fun!

Is it Halloween Yet? Crazy Halloween Stories

A couple days ago, I’d just left work when I noticed something odd, Halloween decorations.  I immediately started taking a video.  This is something that’s interesting about Japan.  Businesses often start decorating for western holidays and events that Japan has adopted up to two months early.  So that means Halloween decorations in early September.  They’re also very punctual about taking down the decorations.  They come down October 31st when closing the business for the night.  Then on November 1st, they open up with Christmas decorations.  Too early, isn’t it?

Well, I’d like you to watch this video.  While it starts off with me talking about this topic, it takes a bit of a twist toward the end.  Please watch it all the way through.

Now that you’ve watched it, you have to admit that was pretty strange.  If you haven’t watched it, why not?  Watch it now!

Back when I was in high school, I had another interesting Halloween story.  I must have been about 16 years old at the time.  My sister and I decided to go out in the evening to scare some older kids.  The younger kids had already come and gone, but all that was left were some junior high and high school kids.  My sister put on a black hooded robe, kind of like what you’d imagine the Grim Reaper wears.  We didn’t have a scythe, but we did have a big plastic axe.

I walked down one side of the street while my sister walked down the other side.  I was out there to watch what happened.  She passed a teenaged girl about a block from our house, and turned around to follow a few metres behind her.  The girl noticed my sister following her and started walking faster.  She walked straight toward a house that had its front light on (this means there’s still candy) and rang the doorbell.  Once the door was opened, my sister walked right past her and into the house with me behind her.  My sister said “Hi” to my mom and the girl was very relieved.  She was actually quite scared.  What we couldn’t believe is that she went straight to our house.  Of all the houses to choose from, it was ours.

So, do you have a funny or strange Halloween story? Please share in the comments.