Bumps in the Road to Canada

320px-Flag_of_Canada.svgInevitably, we’re going to have problems with our paperwork.  But we can’t afford problems.  We need them to be perfect.

To begin with, I’ll just update you on what we’ve done so far.  We got our pictures taken!  Mine had to be 5cm x 7 cm, but photo studios don’t do that in Japan, so the embassy said 5 x 5 was okay.  So, I have 2 of them done for my passport renewal.  My wife had 15 done, all 3.5cm x 4.5cm.  9 for her visa application, 5 for her medical exam, and 1 for her passport renewal.  And then my daughter had 2 done, both were 3.5cm x 4.5cm.  Those were for her citizenship certificate application.  And boy was it fun trying to get her to sit still for her picture.  She’s not patient for that kind of thing yet.

Now, for the problem.  As I was reading through the required documents for applying for a family class visa, I noticed one section said that if the applicant has any children who are Canadian citizens (like my daughter is), they require a copy of her citizenship certificate or birth certificate.  Crap.  We’re applying for that next week.  It takes about 9 months for us to get it.  Double crap.  We need it in 3 months.  So, I guess that means we apply for the certificate as an urgent case.  If not, our move to Canada will be delayed by several months, and our daughter can’t start Kindergarten in Canada.

Well, we’ll apply for my passport renewal and my daughter’s citizenship certificate on Thursday at the embassy in Tokyo.  If everything goes well, they’ll say okay to the urgency of our situation.  Wish us luck!

Commentition: The September 2014 Edition

It’s time to show off my best commenters again.  This time, I’m going to do something a bit different.  I’m going to highlight the most recent post they’ve written on their own blogs.

So, the top six commenters, based on the last 1000 comments, have actually changed a lot.  Some are no longer on the list, while others have made their debut. Of the last 1000 comments, 489 were mine.  I don’t count.  But these six people count.  Check all of them out:

1. The top commenter once again is Sierra, or now S. R. Carillo.  She leads the pack with 69 comments.  On her blog, Permashift, she reviewed season 2 of Pretty Little Liars.

2. In second place with 40 comments is Linda G. Hill.  She moved up from fourth place.  Her self-named blog’s most recent post is One-Liner Wednesday – Insignificant.

3. In third place with 31 comments is Winter Bayne, down from second place.  Her most recent post on her blog is a steamy one, Bliss an Erotic Flash.  Yes, it’s erotic, just so you’re warned.

4. Fourth place goes to a newcomer to this list, silverliningsanddustbunnies (Peggy) with 27 comments.  Check out her blog’s most recent post, Busy Last Days of Summer!

5. The fifth place commenter is also a newcomer with 24 comments, thepaperbutterfly.  Her most recent post is Weekend Warriors #7.

6. And finally in sixth place is someone I’ve noticed in the top 6 before, carenksr (C. K. Rich/Caren) with 23 comments. Her most recent post is A Cry to Action.

I look forward to seeing how next month looks.  Will there be anyone new? Anyone returning?  Will anyone pass Sierra with her big lead?  We’ll see!  Thank you to all who comment.