Where Are You From?

Have you ever been asked, “Where are you from?”  Living in Japan, I get asked that often, which is fine.  Japan is a pretty homogeneous country and foreigners are often asked where they’re from.  Of course, I tell them I’m from Canada.

But what if you’re in your own country and you’re asked what country you’re from?  Has that ever happened to you?  This video went viral some time ago, but I think it’s quite valid for this topic.

Of course, this is set in the US, and it seems kind of hypocritical that the man asks her where she’s really from, while he answers that he’s just a regular American.  She’s just as American as he is.

Looking at my genealogy, I’m pretty mixed.  I’m not native Canadian.  I’ve talked a bit about genealogy before, but I’ll mention a bit about my own family history.  On my mother’s side, I’m Norwegian and German.  On my father’s side, I’m English, Irish, and Scottish.  My wife is Japanese, so my daughter is Japanese, Norwegian, German, English, Irish, and Scottish.  Quite the mix.  But if my daughter is asked where’s she’s from by a Japanese person, I’m sure they’ll show a lot of confusion when she answers that she’s from Japan.  How can a brown-haired, fair-skinned little girl be Japanese?  She was born in Japan, she has Japanese citizenship, and she speaks Japanese (well, not very good yet.  She’s only 2).  This just does not compute for many people in Japan.  They assume she’s a foreigner even though she is born and raised in Japan with Japanese citizenship.  I also can’t wait until they tell her that her Japanese is very good.  Of course it is, dumbass.  You were just told she’s Japanese.

So, when we’re in Canada, since the country is quite multicultural, she may or may not get that question.  She can, of course, say she’s from Japan, which is true.  But she may get the “your English is so good” comment.  Having a Canadian father kind of makes that happen.

So, I have a question for you.  I’m not asking where you’re from.  I’m interested in family history.  So, what’s your ancestry?  Which countries make up your ancestry?