Hilarious Google Search – Ray Comfort Bacon Number

Do you know who Ray Comfort is?  He’s a young Earth creationist who has teamed up with Kirk Cameron on many occasions to promote their version of Creationism.  Their knowledge of science is rather funny, as they get a lot of things wrong.

Well, I was playing around with Google’s Bacon number search, and decided to put in a few random people.  Well, Ray Comfort came up with a Bacon number of 3.  It’s actually quite easy to have a Bacon number of 3.  It seems a lot of actors and other people who have appeared on film or TV have a Bacon number of only 2, meaning they appeared with someone who has appeared with Kevin Bacon.  At first, I checked Kirk Cameron’s Bacon number, and I found it was a 2.  So, knowing that he’s been on TV with Ray Comfort many times, he’d probably have a number of 3.  Google confirmed it.  However, it didn’t link him to Kevin Bacon through Kirk Cameron.  The actual results were hilarious.  I captured this image from Google.

raycomfortbaconnumberWhat’s that?  Who is Ray Comfort connected to?  It can’t be.  I know Ray Comfort was born after Hitler died, but they did appear in something called 180. It’s a documentary that Ray Comfort created where he actually compares abortions with the Holocaust.  This is how he’s connected to Adolf Hitler.  But if you didn’t know this, the results above look quite funny.  Anyway, if you need proof, here’s the Google search.

Anyway, if my life were a movie, I would have a Bacon number of 3.  I’ve met James Doohan, who’s connected to Kevin Bacon through Kirstie Alley.  I’ve also met Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis, both of whom are connected to Kevin Bacon through Wil Wheaton, my favourite celebrity geek.  We could all aspire to be like Wil.

And that is how a blog post about Bacon numbers becomes all about Wil Wheaton.