Children’s TV Doesn’t Always Make Sense

I’m used to reading novels written for adults, or at least young adults.  But mostly adults. They’re very complex and eventually make sense.  However, have you ever watched children’s TV as an adult?  There are so many things that make absolutely no sense.

Peter Pan was fine, but ever watch Disney Junior’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates? It’s a group of three child pirates led by Jake.  They do things like skateboarding, baseball, and other modern recreational activities, things that people in Neverland shouldn’t actually know anything about.  Not only that, Jake and his friends shouldn’t even be called pirates.  They do no pirating! They go on adventures trying to find treasure or help people.  They never hijack a ship and steal its cargo.  Also, Captain Hook has a crew of three.  That’s all.  Three.  Smee and a pair that sings.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is another one.  Everyone sings.  They never sang in the cartoons.  Donald is too friendly.I know it’s a show where children are supposed to watch and tell them what to do, but the way it comes across, they sound like idiots.  Also, having watched the Japanese version, Goofy has an awful voice.  I prefer his English voice.

Little Einsteins is a show that has child geniuses solving a mission while in their rocket.  This has nothing to do with science.  Einstein was a scientist.  These kids are musical prodigies.  What does that have to do with Einstein?  It should be Little Mozarts or something.

This doesn’t mean all shows are bad.  I like Handy Manny.  He seems to be speaking to kids in a more grown-up way.  He seems intelligent.  The only odd thing is that he occasionally says a word in Spanish, then the word in English.  No one talks that way.

Have you watched children’s shows as an adult and wondered what the writers were thinking?