I Actually Like More Than One Lannister

Shocking, isn’t it? Everyone loves Tyrion. I like him, too. I find him one of the most fascinating characters in the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

As I’ve been reading A Storm of Swords, my opinion has been changing on one of the Lannisters. Could it be Tommen? Actually, I know very little about him. How about Cersei? No way. She’s still a cold bitch. Still don’t like Tywin. Joffrey? Never. How about Ser Kevan Lannister? I’m pretty neutral about him. Who does that leave?

That’s right, I’ve grown to like Jaime Lannister. Shocked? Well, I’ll leave you with that thought.

16 thoughts on “I Actually Like More Than One Lannister”

            1. I don’t do spoilers 😀 But yeah, Jamie and The Hound. My favs so far because they are dynamic and not flat.

  1. I threw my copy of A Storm of Swords across the room when I suddenly realized that I was really invested in Ser Jaime’s story, and was rooting for him.

    I was mad at myself, for being seduced by Jaime’s point of view. Things were so much simply when I disliked the Bran-Pusher. Now I just want him to apologize to Bran and have Bran forgive him.

    1. This just shows how good an author Martin is. He tells each point of view with the personality of the characters, and Jaime can be quite smooth. He can seduce the reader (not in a sexual way, I mean) into seeing his point of view and actually feel for him.

  2. I didn’t like him at first for just pushing Bran away like that, but later on I felt sorry for him, especially in the books, where it describes how he feels his hand is still there even though he’s lost it. That’s somehting the show can’t really do without looking strange, unless he talked about it. Also, I hope in the show they stay with him not going back to Cersei when she send him the letter.

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